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Aarushi case

Do you think the Talwars murdered their daughter and house help?


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Posted By: a.k.TRIPATHY On:20/04/2013
Of course it is the parents! They were responsible for Arushi going wrong and the feeling of guilt converted to anger made them do the honour killing.Now it is shameful that they are desperately trying to live and are not breaking down. Just how can any outsider kill two persons in a house without any one knowing it? If the father is the culprit, mother could be maintaining silence doing the duty of a dharmapatni.
A perfect crime or a messed up investigation?
Release both. GOD will punish them.
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Posted By: R.V. Kulkarni On:18/02/2013
I personally feel such questions should not be asked in the public through such media when the matter is prejudice. In such cases people can make comments out of stray interest without complete understanding of the case. On what grounds people will make the comments here, because they just have some information through the same media which can not serve as basis for their comments. Further when the matter is so personal why one should make the comments. Any untrue comments can heart the deceased parents. I once again put my personal opinion here that such questions should not be asked in the media.
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Posted By: Salwa On:15/02/2013
sir..Nobody is unaware of the amnuot of the corruption spread all over. Corrupt politicians, police and admin officers are enjoying the misuse of their power and the common man is suffering and struggling But, who feeds this monster? Its the same common man, who is ready to pay the bribe to these goons for a little favor.. Corruption will not decrease on its own.. WE have to take the initiative.. WE have to deny the bribes.. WE have to be prepared to stand in a queue to get our papers signed (instead of paying the bribe to get them delivered at home..)And after this incidence of Anna, we have come to know that we are not alone. People from all over India are ready to do the same.. Lets just say NO to bribes and corruption and lets pray and hope for the best..Thanks for such wonderful thought sir
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Posted By: mgjoglekar On:21/01/2013
On evidrncial proof in our opinion parents are guilty.
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Posted By: Usha Padiyar On:12/01/2013
I think Rajesh alone murdered both Aarushi- Hemraj, because their spying and opposition was straining his relations with Anita Durrani, and spoiling his reputation. Also, no outsider had come to his house on murder night.
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Posted By: leon On:11/12/2012
I have a few questions which I could not find in all the stuff I have read.
1) The parents say they were sleeping and they could not hear anything because of the AC noise.
Considering the AC was on a hot May night the temperature would have been set to cool the room. and once the desired temperature is reached the thermostat automatically switches off the compressor and only the fan is running. The compressor wouldn't run continuously without switching off. If the AC was continually running assuming you have drank some water after food you would need to use the freshroom. 2) It was mentioned somewhere the modem was switched off sometime during the night. even now the there would be a .dat file which will give all the internet activity with the time.
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Posted By: Vaidyanathan On:10/09/2012
The investigation and evidence has been swinging like a pendulum in this case. Hence very difficult to say with certainty about the role of the parents. However the mere fact that both the daughter and the domestic help were murdered, shows their involvement in some way. It s strange that a series of investigations have not helped us reach a foolproof conclusion, in spite of the agencies having enough access to all material evidence. A little more of application could have highlighted the truth beyond any doublt
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Posted By: Ahmedabad FCA On:17/08/2012
No, I do not think that Aarushi's murder had anything to do with her parents. For Ifirmly believe that her parents loved their child beyond anything else. Evidence has clearly been tampered with so extensively that it is sad that there does not seem to be any way in which she will ever receive complete justice. In any case, her parents are innocent, other than being present in the house at the time of the murder, they had no hand in her murder.
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Posted By: m.dinakar shetty On:08/08/2012
There are some people go by protecting the honour particularly in North India. Aarushi is one such case because she had sexual relation with domestic help Hemaraj, honour killing was made.
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Posted By: Rahul On:06/08/2012
No. This is a doing of Hemraj and his associates.
- Hemraj let his associates into the house for a minor crime (perhaps theft)
- Associates had other things planned perhaps eliminate Hemaraj also as a link to them.

- Aarushi probably caught them and the associates raped and murdered her.

- Parents were perhaps drugged by Hemaraj so he could let his associates in.

- Perhaps some sicko also raped her after she was dead.
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