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Brave Delhi rape victim dies

Leave a message for the brave 23 year old who died after awakening the country to the horrors of rape


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Posted By: Gaurang Bookseller On:01/01/2013
She studied medicine to help others live...
than she left her mother a note - Mother I want to live...and fought with death valiantly she did...
while like cowards we sleep...
the monsters do as they please...
the monsters who violated the angel...
the monsters who pretend to sleep...
the monsters who pretend to protect...
for sympathy is not what they seek...
She left her mother a note - Mother I want to live...
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Posted By: Sathya On:31/12/2012
Dear sister i hoped and prayed that some miracle will happen and you be healed. I still cry for the horror happened to you. I felt your pain in me. To the core, I feel ashamed to be an Indian. I salute your fighting spirit. It is only this spirit that keeps the woman alive. Your spirit is matchless dear. Love you. Rest in Paradise.
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Posted By: bhagya.R On:31/12/2012
My dear ,my heart bleeds for what you have undergone ,but you have been the voice of many silent victims .you stirred a sense of fighting spirit across the nation .May ur soul RIP.
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Posted By: subhashtewari On:30/12/2012
Khoob larhi mardani wo himmatwali Damini thi.May her tormented soul get the peace from justice to all suffering humanity.God save this country from manipulations of those politicians who have invaders' outlook on it.
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Posted By: Satish On:30/12/2012
You died for us; you gave your life so that others could live..Rest in peace, brave soul; soul of the nation.
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Posted By: udaya On:30/12/2012
My dear little sister MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE. Please forgive us for your tragic plight & end. Your sacrifiece must not go in vain. The fight for justice continue. We assure you that the culprits will be punished. All the tainted politician must be barred from entering parliment. SHAME ON YOU MEN WHO DO SUCH CRIME. The so called PM HM CM Leaders ETC please resign from the post as you all are not fit to be. As truly said by Mahatma Gandhi - INDIA SHALL BE TRULY INDEPENDENT ONLY WHEN THE WOMEN FOLK OF INIDA CAN WALK FREELY & SAFELY IN THE MIDNIGHT ALSO. MAY HIS WISH BECOME TRUE.
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Posted By: Valsa John On:30/12/2012
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Posted By: Athulya Rose John On:30/12/2012
I feel so sad
Let her soul Rest in Peace!!
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Posted By: bhavna On:30/12/2012
Very very upset..cried many times...My soul curses the men who do this..never met you never saw you...but you will always be in my mind
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Posted By: samson dorairaj On:30/12/2012
my loving daughter rest in peace. i have been crying bitterly when i think of the agonising moments you went through. police of delhi, how many illigal buses running on the road under your very nose. DGPs,DIGs,SPs,DSPs,SIs,SHOs, what you people are doing, You are all out of touch with the grounfd realities. Unless the same thing happened to anyone of the families, they don't realise the gravity of the pain, shame, sufferings the daughter went through and the mournings of our beloved citizens. still lot of such animals are around, INDIA wake up.Politicians and Police brought unbearable shame to India
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