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Freebies: Is AAP acting like every other party?

By using freebies, doles, subsidies and reservations, is AAP proving to just like every other political party in India?


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Posted By: Dancarter On:18/12/2014
Yes, just wanting freebies ...enough we heard you, saw your nervous performance and disgrace to IIT.. the members taking advantage in public, railway ..and temples visits... please go never show your f a c e again
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Posted By: ashok On:12/12/2014
Yes , it has lost its platform on which started and behaving like politicians now .
No use supporting them
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Posted By: Poda De On:11/12/2014
AAP is an outfit run by Aravinda Kejariwala as of Bafoons, Bluffers, Clowns & Jester-Jokers and need not be taken seriously.
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Posted By: Vishal On:09/12/2014
They are worst than others. All other parties we know they are corrupted. But they claim they are honest still doing the same. They are playing with human Emotion. They don't have any ethic when they said they can accept help fromj anyone to defeat the Modi. when they said after LS 2014 election that country will have election in 6 months. it showed they don't have any respect and interest for country as weill
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Posted By: romesh On:09/12/2014
He is acting worse than them.Other parties did not say will not stay in bangalows,no 5star culture, no Ll Batti AAM Admi ,Mohalla Sabha's will do what ever is decided will be in consultation with public,Jan Lok Pal Bill ,Free Water and 50 % reduced Elect Bill No high Command culture .Swaraj.Now every thing gone with the wind.He has become Business class traveller,%star treatment during TRavel Chartered Planes all this on Chanda's.He is fraud and dangeros for democracy.
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Posted By: v.k.arora On:04/12/2014
aap comprises of over ambitious people.
aap is rap (run away party)
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Posted By: Radhagobinda Sahoo On:28/11/2014
Not at all, They have some real ideas to improve the system towards a Real Acche Din. Every one had got a chance so far. So it deserves a chance for at least once for 5 years. And lets see whats make a difference. Trust is the only option.
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Posted By: Dharmendra makwana On:26/11/2014
here i show there is lots of unverfied comments. just want to say if you can use google must watch statments of our PM. Read news paper compare thier statement u will sure the changes. Even their promises n policies change according to elections 3 months before statements about kashmir and now a days..
other thing is what is gujrat model even do u know that growth if gujrat is in highest growth what type growth we r enjoying here ther job less engineers and much more only road,electricity,some over bridges made some big industries which even can made enough opportunities for common people. this is gujrat model..for VIP people. show some logical view of growth.
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Posted By: Dharmendra makwana On:26/11/2014
NO..IF AAP is acted like other parties definitely there is impossible to win 28 sit in delhi. Public also know what is truth. there is must strong lokpal need to pass in our government.There is no other party can do such like thing which arvind kejriwal did in 49 days.May be some decisons proved wrong but it shows that this party is not playing bloody politics in india like other party.
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Posted By: sameer On:24/11/2014
yes, they too are power hungry people.
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