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What should we do?

Pakistan-sponsored terror is undoubtedly the biggest threat facing the world as the terror map yet again underlines. How can we root it out? Tell us.


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Posted By: muhammadkabir On:20/11/2010
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Posted By: kumar On:20/10/2010
American defence group had suggested this long back. punjabis do not like baluch or pathan or sindhis. Sunnis do no like bohras or amediyas or shias, sowhy muslim brotherhood? there no one like any one else, they will be happier if they live in their own province. At least they will not be exploited by them. It will be easy solution for Americans to break up the pakistan and happily get out of Afganishtan without spending billions.
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Posted By: Sumant Bhalla On:19/10/2010
Further divide Bakistan. Retaliate militarily in the strongest possible way should there be another terrorist strike in India. RAW should promote and fund activities in Bakistan similar to what ISI does in India.
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Posted By: BRAHMASTRA On:07/08/2010
The jihadis claim to act in the name of Islam. But there is a difference between what they practice and the religion of Islam. The jihadi movement is more an ideology than a religion, though it has unfortunately, hijacked the religion and given it a bad name. This ideology has created havoc in many countries like Syria, Iran and even to a large extent, India. India has however, because of its Vedic Hindu heritage, survived the jihadi onslaught. Pakistan has nurtured and created many jihadi groups, but these groups are now more powerful than the State of Pakistan and want to devour their benefactor/ creator. USA is the only factor which has prevented enslavement of the Pakistani people.This threat can however be countered only by isolating the ideology from the religion it purports to represent. Correct understanding of the history of the past, which is now blurred, can act as a starter. The jihadi movement has to be destroyed ideologically and politically.
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Posted By: Alamelu V On:02/08/2010
1. Open up Kashmir for settlement and deveopment (with safeguards, in order to preserve that ecosystem). That will immediately change the demographics of the region and bring a different character and opportunities to the region
2. Obviously Pak is threatening to tie up with China (which covertly helps Pak anyway for its own reasons) to bring the US to heel every time there is any threat of withdrawal of aid. The US knowingly fostered this, when India had economic ties with the erstwhile USSR, and the US wanted to - ostensibly - peserve the balance of power in the region, leading to the preponderance of defense materiel we see in Pak's possession today, materiel which serves no other purpose than to be diverted to the use of terrorists. A proper negotiation with China can draw these teeth. It won't be easy, as the Chinese are notorious for double speak.
3. Have compulsory military service for all. in 18-35 age group. This will infuse needed dsicipline into our national character.
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Posted By: Percy On:01/08/2010
Honourable Mr. PM and the respected Abdullahs of Kasmir I sicerely request you to remove/eliminate the separatist /so called leaders of the terrorist organization and the ass lickers of the cowardly regime of Pakistan from our Indian soil immediately. In case you do not know how to then pls. ask the help of our friends the Israelies to teach our forces/ secret services to penetrate their organizations and eliminate all anti nationals so called leaders on a war footing first and then go to the lower rung and take care of them too.We are way past talking with this multi heade snake so called Pakistan but first deal with the ir babies who are on our soil.Do not care about the world opinion and be stong like our Israeli friends.
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Posted By: Percy On:01/08/2010
I request firstly our esteemed PM and not so esteemed other politicians to reconsider this talking with Pakistan as it will never bear fruit. I do not like to be considered a pessimist but have a insight Mr. PM and see what you have ever achieved in talking with this rogue nation.Pls. do not for a moment come under a threat of their nuclear capability and reconsider the idea of elimination of all the terrorist camps and systematically eliminate their terrorist leaders one by one to send them a strong message. Pls. do not come under the US pressure as they r playing games with India, by sweetly giving lip service to India whilst arming so called Pakistan and giving the money in loads along with EU for their COWARDLY ISI to wage a proxy war against our blessed country.
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Posted By: mr wise man On:31/07/2010
just flatten all pakland a lnd of dirty mullah and sick minded and unhuman religiously greedy people.
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Posted By: Bikram Singh On:31/07/2010
India is a victim of terrorism emnating from Pakistan.
The demon of terrorism is a creation of America and rich countries of the world.They give money and weapons to warring nations to protect their own intersts. Due to vast economical gap between developed and developing countires , the rich nations feel insecure and they follow a policy of devide and rule.
The neutral countires like India are worst hit. They are not in the league of rich nations and they can not afford to go to wars.
The best way for India is to make economical strides ahead and try avoiding bigger conflict with neighbours.
In the mean time to counter the insurgency, India must improve its forces, provide them modern warfare training along with latest weapons . The intelligence gathering should be spruced up and take measured counter offensive against Pakistan, without blowing it into a full fledged war. If possible, India should also arrange attacks inside Pakistan,.
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Posted By: Jimmy On:30/07/2010
Due to Gandhi who never fought for freedom,just used the blood of poor indians who were killed by the britishers for protesting without any weapons, we have lost our self respect. The country where the hindu gods have weapons in all their hands and people growing up with stories how their gods defeated the demons,Where Rama had the Guts to cross the ocean and kill Ravan and bring back is beloved wife, we have now become a country who doesnot know how to stand up for their rights.We are scared of a small country like Pakistan. Learn from Israel, they have the guts to fight the whole world and have the weapons and army to defend themselves.We are like beggars always dancing to the tune of the US.Any person/country who will not stand up for their rights willl not get the respect they deserve or the friends they need. Nobody wants sissy's as their best friends.AND the Congress party has no balls to do anything to defend the country. Nehru was busy with Lady Mountbatten and screwed up Kashm
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