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Election results 2009

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Posted By: carpinteyrocdm On:20/03/2014
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Posted By: XRumerTest On:23/09/2013
Hello. And Bye.
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Posted By: sram On:11/08/2009
Roshansab, Let me tell tell this first - U r well trained / seasoned & talibanated like hardened criminals. U r maintaining deft silence to whatever challenges we make on this board about Ur ism. U have not answered or deviated or given twisted replies to myriad questions asked on this board. Incessantly rattling same stories & pounce on some body who falters, just like a rattle snake pouncing on its Prey by mesmerising with rattles. U dont have any ' Good Message ' to mankind. While our folk is in an upward journey of progress Ur ilk is pushed to a downward journey of regress & kept in eternal darkness so that they will not revolt againest Ashtafs(dimonds). Where as one set of Robots busy in mass producing massacrers the massacrers are on mass rampage. I know U will deviate issues as usual. U r so overflowing with 'Self Superiority" that U will counter even if Ur prophet comes & counsels.
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Posted By: Sucheta On:10/08/2009
ANroshan, since you are repeatedly pleading for my mercy and forgiveness and thus indirectly accepting your defeat - requesting me to leave the board I will do so. Remember no one can withstand truth and truth alone will prevail. So, make sure you don't talk nonsense again. If you do so I will come back again and mow you down. Thanks
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Posted By: anroshan On:10/08/2009
Rajan's article on a Chinese plan to break up India : 'According to the article, if India today relies on any thing for unity, it is the Hindu religion. The partition of the country was based on religion. Stating that today nation states are the main current in the world, it has said that India could only be termed now as a `Hindu Religious state`. Adding that Hinduism is a decadent religion as it allows caste exploitation and is unhelpful to the countrys modernization, it described the Indian government as one in a dilemma with regard to eradication of the caste system as it realizes that the process to do away with castes may shake the foundation of the consciousness of the Indian nation.' I do not like the idea of China breaking up India as this is my home. Yet, the analysis given by the Chinese on India's fragility is correct. The caste system and Hindu communalism are India's faultlines. The Chinese must have studied our message boards to realise the Hindu weakness.
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Posted By: sram On:10/08/2009
Pandit Roshan Bai why all these gimmicks, U try to keep Ur house in order. Care for Ajlafs & Arzals, fight for equal oppurtunity for them among your group. Dont pass-on Ur venom to Ur childern / grand childern if U have any. Lord Vishnu has taken Avatar of Bush, Obama etc. His Chakra is revoloving around Pak as Drone. See he is targeting evil people only unlike Rakshasas who murder way side innocents.
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Posted By: Sucheta On:09/08/2009
First of all and last of all it has been discussed countless number of times in this board that Modi has not been convicted of any wrong doing despite congress's serious tryst. Modi's Gujrat is one of the best governed states in the country in free India- Nobody can deny that. The riots took place in retaliation to train burning that Muslims initiated. What ever anyone is saying, say with citation don't quote any third rate mullah story here. So, MODI IS NOT A CRMINAL NEITHER IS ADVANI. It is just insane to compare terrorists with them. They are national leaders with true devotion to this country. Now don't try to twist and drag it to caste that you have been so conveniently doing. You have lost the caste arguement.
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Posted By: anroshan On:09/08/2009
In all these debates, the BJP Hindus want to combat 'Muslim terrorism', but they want freedom to excercise Hindu mob terrorism against minorities. Thus, Sucheta supports Modi because he SAYS he is standing up for Hindus. All he has done is find a way to get re-elected by stoking Hindu communalism. Modi knows this is a Hindu weakness which can be tapped. The BJP demolsihed the Babari masjid and the VHP collected money from foolish Hindu NRIs to build a Ram mandir. The temple was not built, and never will be. Where has the money gone ? It has been eaten by these Hindu frauds. After the Ram mandir, the next topic was saving Hindus from the jihadis. But due to the BJP, more Hindus have been killed. Some of the Hindus have realised this; but still, there are these Hindus like Sucheta and sram who cling to the BJP out of some vague sense of Hindu pride. It is difficult for some to admit they made a mistake about the BJP.
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Posted By: garuda On:07/08/2009
Attention: All those who visit this forum:
There is an anti national out here by name 'Roshan' who spread hate message. A Paki national that he is, he asserts that the terrorist by name 'Kasab' who is now dacing the trail in the terror attack in Mumbai is the reincarnation of Vishnu who is out to restore equlibrium in the Society. This statement of his tantamounts to his supporting such attacks by terror group and he has all love for this terrorist by calling him God Vishnu. He is to be dispised and his posts should not be answered.

Sucheta, and others, pl abstain from responding to an anti national.
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Posted By: garuda On:06/08/2009
The terrorist activities of Mohammed will continue tomorrow. More messages will mean no one reading. Hencem I will post two article s per day on all subjects of stupidity of the ch....oth mohammded. Let vishnus come. Let us inform the internet polic to catch this big C
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