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Will Lanka regain its tranquility?

Will Prabhakaran's death finally bring peace to Sri Lanka?


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Posted By: Bhushan R.Singe On:18/10/2009
Cant say ? This can be a difficult question to answer.

Lets see the future.
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Posted By: Sudha On:26/07/2009
Really no. World nations has to interfere and warn Rajapakshe to give back the tamilians rights..
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Posted By: surendhar On:28/05/2009
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Posted By: Nathan On:23/05/2009
It is becoming clearer by the day that the promise by the SL govt. to rehabilitate the displaced Tamils is mere lip service. Actions speak louder than words. The Tamils in the camps are mere inches away from death due to starvation and lack of medical care. Yet the SL president glibly announces to the world that they will all be resettled in six months' time. Will there be anyone left to resettle then ? The army is currently taking away able bodied men and male teenagers from these camps at night and killing them. The motive of the SL govt. is clear - it will wipe out the Tamils from SL one way or another. The president and all his ministers have blatantly lied again and again to the world community regarding the welfare of the Tamil refugees.
India should take the initiative now and force the SL govt. to allow international aid to reach the refugees immediately. A UN peace keeping force should be deployed to these camps so that no more people are abducted at night. Finally these refu
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Posted By: m s bhave On:23/05/2009
A small nation with moderate size army & limited resources could solve its militancy problem, hwther rightly or wrongly, but neither USA in AfPak or India in Kashmir & North East cannot.It is the sincere attitude of Rajpaksa towards Tamils and their issues which has carried him through. USA & India should take lessons from Rajpaksa. He appears to be against LTTE but not against Tamils.
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Posted By: Ramesh On:23/05/2009
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Posted By: raj On:23/05/2009
No Srilanka devils Wont give .........
this all Done By Mrs Gandhi and Karunandi .
Our Goverment Supported Srilanka Army to Kill LTTE & Tamilens. LTTE made one Mistake By Killing our Pm Rajiv Gandhi. But Some of People (Mainly North Indian) Dont Now what IPKF done to Tamilen In Lanka .
Our Goverment Give there Voice For Sisks In PakisTan . But Forgoten Our Tamilens In Lanka .
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Posted By: karthika,r On:23/05/2009
there is substance in prabaharan taking the cause of sri lankan tamils in the island nation whose government lost sight of the rights of its citizen and hence paid for its past blunders. Misery of srilankan tamils magnified manifold due to the mistake of so called faillure of tamil leaders ( largely from lankan LTTE tamils and perhaps some leaders from all over the world), navigating them (innocent tamils) to troubled watersl and lost anything and everything, death and destruction leading them to real hell. Is life worth living for Tamils after so much humiliation?. The biggest question now is
will the existing tamils in lanka have peace of mind begging to Darmaraja of sinhalale rule? will the remaining tamils live with diginity and honour? who will discipline the sri lankan rulers who have made the tamils unequals for so many years and mostly resonsible for all the miseries both tamils and sinhales? is it right time for the interational agencies to step in and protect tamils?
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Posted By: ram On:23/05/2009
SL will pay for the evil they did,
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Posted By: Dharan On:22/05/2009
His death will make the SL Govt Treat Tamils even more badly. SL govt has to give equal rights or some kind of reservation for tamils which Rajapakshe will surely not do. His aim is to kill all tamils. History says that Sinhalese and Tamils in SL are from the Indian Continent many 100 years ago. Even the language script resembles Telugu and Burmese. Why do they fight for killing their brother race.
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