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Should we celebrate Kargil Divas?

Do you think the government's decision to downplay Kargil Divas is right?


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Posted By: P M Ravindran On:27/07/2010
That the question 'should we celebrate kargil divas' had to be posed is itself a pointer to the malaise that prevails in the corridors of decision making in our country. I understand that in UK and the USA it is customary even for newly married couple to visit war memorials and offer tribute before they begin life's journey in the company of each other. And here the congress party leading the govt at the Centre now has the audacity to claim that Kargil was BJP's war and hence it success not worthy of being celebrated!
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Posted By: krishna On:23/07/2010
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Posted By: diwaker On:31/05/2010
This is shame full and don't expect more from our government. bhailog naraz ho gaye to.
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Posted By: Rajesh Agarwal On:02/03/2010
Why not. They died for our nation.
If Congress think that they died during BJP regim then they have to answer for those POW who were not returned in 1971 war and our foolish PM returned 99,000 kutte pakistani.
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Posted By: Kapil On:17/01/2010
Yes we should celebrate the kargil divas so that the people of the nation would be aware about the sacrifice they have made for the nation. We celebrate so many divas which have no meaning. I do support that the kargil divas should be celebrated.
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Posted By: Sane Patriot On:02/09/2009
Our rulers can downplay anything and everything, at its will, only requirement being it shd. spite the rival parties. It downplays terrorism, as though all Muslims (whose votes are important to the ruling UPA) are terrorists,and neglects national security. It does not want to sign NPT but will exaggerate Pokhran I and downplay Pokh.II as it was done during BJP rule. It will downplay even our economic needs and hide our nuclear R&D failures but the truth one day comes out when we find ourselves in dire need for foreign nuclear technology for power generation. Downplaying Kargil Divas only brings out the extreme meanness and depravity of the UPA esply. the Congress, since when it means a betrayal of the martyrs by the thousands who fought in extreme cold of high altitutde of the Himalayas, many losing their lives.
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Posted By: alok On:29/07/2009
yes we should do.these are the important things that happened with our country .we are celeberating a lot of divas which have no any meaning except a fassion .so we should at least remember the great people of country who have lost thier life in the war .abd to incourage the army of country that they are noble job for the country
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Posted By: komal On:29/07/2009
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Posted By: pankaj chaurasia On:28/07/2009
Bad decision. Probably stemming from a desire to extend an olive branch to Pakis. That is why MMS included the Bloach word in jont statement with them. It is this magnanimity of our top political brass (from Nehru to AB Vajpayee to MMS) that Pakis and Chinese have been milking. I think constitution should be amended to have these whims of top political brass ratified by parliament to some input from armed forces which makes the supreme sacrifices to gain some ground which is invariably lost when the top guy gets to talking table.
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Posted By: Chetan Khanwilkar On:28/07/2009
Obviously,how could one forget the real heroes of our motherland,those who are opposing should be taken as anti national elements.
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