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Amma wins TN polls

Do you think Jayalalithaa will provide corruption-free governance to the people of Tamil Nadu?


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Posted By: Hussain On:07/06/2011
Yes. She is the only leader in Tamil Nadu who can provide corruption free governance and she is a very capable person. Let us join hands and morally support her in making Tamil Nadu; a prosperious State.
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Posted By: mvvrajan On:04/06/2011
when there is a will there is a way.
People expect,and this is the only time to perform.
expectations are very high.
will certainly do.
Became popular only because of her faith in democracy and .
so let us all support her to end the corruption.
It is easy and possible.
I am optimistic.
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Posted By: Ganesh R On:31/05/2011
Her last regime was good and she proved her efficient administrative skills. If she continues in the same way then TN will reclaim its lost glory
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Posted By: RAVIKUMAR MD On:24/05/2011
yes ,she is a crises saver and saviour,she will involve directly in the picture
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Posted By: sriraman On:16/05/2011
yes,she knows why people sent DMK PACKING and decimated them

dmkdmk was
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Posted By: saheedkhalid On:15/05/2011
Yes,Yes and Yes.. She will give a good governance to the TN people and set an example for others. She is very well aware why DMK was rejected completely besides all "muscle" and "Money" play. It is an eye opener for every ruling party that Election Commission has a say on all set grounds to eradicate corruption in every phase. Jaya Amma should respect the poll verdict and stand in the forefront to lead country. She should have to prove that she is clean to her ministry to fall in line with. AIDMK has been recognized by people and Jaya Amma has been chosen to rule only because of their hatredness toward DMK's vandalism and family rule ( corruption is of course is one of the causes) and obviously their style !!! They forgot completely that they have to face the election and people one day! Money and power dragged them to believe that they can buy everything with money. Finally Justice done . Jaya Amma learnt a lesson earlier and she will remember it well .....
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Posted By: RAMJI On:13/05/2011
People voted against corruption,kundaism,MK octopus family's activities in all places like real estate , cinima, trading,financing for high intrest rate, sand mining,law and order invest money through lottery man,investing money worldwide. The main reason is people voted without fear the credit goes to EC. Because of the EC activities the middle class and upper class people voted with happy. Previously people afraid to vote because of DMK politicians kundaism. Now god saved Tamil nadu people.
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