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Congratulate Akhilesh Yadav

Congratulate Akhilesh Yadav on becoming the youngest CM in UP.


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Posted By: Serge On:21/09/2012
By the way, the CPM organised a prsteot against Obama's visit. According to them, they think the joint statement proves that the US is trying to exert control and deny us our sovereignty. Considering that the big banner they held afloat spelt the US President as Barak Obama, wonder how well they have read the joint statement.
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Posted By: Soumya On:21/09/2012
I am really very happy to see that Amar singh ji lietensd my voice and he has posted this article.To accept or reject anything we should analyse both aspect of it.My self a genetic engineer and do research in this field. Here i would like to explain something to our Blog reader.In Bt Brinjal we add 3 things from outside:1- Bt gene (source is soil cateria)2- Viral promoter (source is virus)3- Kanamycine resistance gene (bacterial gene).There is argument about only Bt (which is toxic for insect but not for human beings) so dont make rumors that it is TOXIC for all .i dont belive there would be any harm to use it in crop since Bt cotton is being used at large scale and so far no health concern has arise in any human and cattle.Yes, i am concern about viral promoter and kanamycine gene which is not require to kill insect but still it is important things for genetic engineer to raise transgenic.I think we should not use these unwanted gene and we have suitable promoter of plant orgin as alternative.We can knock out kanamycine gene in further generation by adopting new techniques. There would be some limitation of using these new alternative but would be more safe for all of us.Amar singh ji our job is to do research and give product to our farmer (must be aware of Bt cotton success) policy making is your(politician) job where they make policy to benefit some private company.We can not come on street and shout!!!Infact both side is sponsored by private firm: Vandana shiva (doesnt know how to talk she just know how to shout) having support of pesticide companies and Mahyco and Monsanto are other side who may put pressure to few of the scientist sitting in GEAC panel.At last but not least in company we do research and we can do same research in govt institute too but there is problem in system. Comptent people work on adhoc position and scientist take his job for granted and just take their salary.I have two suggestion:1- In research there should not be permanent job do job and get fund otherwise govt should fire them .like abroad.2- there should be intensive for hard worker since research is quite tough and there is not much money.GM food is not choice in india Infact it is NEED .we can not compare with western company in this matter .we have 1.2 billion people to feed with limited resources but at the same time human life id precious we cant take lightly.AAP AEROPLANE ME SIRF ISLIYE NAHI BAITHENGE KYONKI WO HAWA ME CRASH JATA HAI .AAP USASE HONE WALE FAYEDE KO NAHI NAJARANDAZ KAR SAKATE Am i right neta ji??????
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Posted By: Peter On:21/09/2012
Not a great keyword chioce (mainly because most people cant spell it right!), but not bad either. Like Anuj mentioned above, people aspiring to be an entrepreneur may search using this keyword. The task in SEM is to not miss out any keywords even if it is not directly related to the website.
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Posted By: Thaina On:19/09/2012
Who do you think is liable for such goopufs? The platform or the content creator? What a way to frame the debate! Someone has to be held liable, even if it is nothing but criticising speech. If there are factual inaccuracies then the libel law comes into the picture but apart from that, no one has really been harmed.Being in content publishing yourself, not standing up for free speech is equivalent to digging your own grave.
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Posted By: Cammie On:18/09/2012
These pieces really set a standard in the inudsrty.
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Posted By: Starr On:18/09/2012
I see, I spupose that would have to be the case.
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Posted By: tsmurali On:06/09/2012
Why VAIKO,NETHUMAARAN,RAMDAS,THIRUMAVAZHAVAN,Kolatoor Mani,Veeramani,Seeman,thiagu live?
They don't know about value of life because they are not a borned true mothers. They are all terrorist LTTE supporters not a common tamil people
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Posted By: Gundosulu On:02/08/2012
Aloha! cab
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Posted By: pankaj kumar On:30/07/2012
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Posted By: Dr Rakesh Santani On:29/07/2012
So what if youngest CM, he's not doing anything for the welfare of the State, let alone Youth !
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