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Binayak Sen

Do you think the government should revoke charges against Binayak Sen?


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Posted By: Binayak On:12/01/2011
Maoists are a menace to the society. They are ruthless and deserve no sympathy for the methods they have adopted. The state cannot afford to be soft on people who help the cause of maoism. Punishing people who help the Maoists will definitely send a message to people on the consequences of sleeping with the enemy.
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Posted By: sumit.jain On:12/01/2011
No, we should have confidence in our judiciary, who has twicr declared him guilty. The whole media is suddenly supporting him in the way which raises questions. Arundhati Roy,which the writer of this topic has tried to save should also be tried for treason.
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Posted By: Nitish On:11/01/2011
I don't understand how u r justifying those who openly expresses solidarity with maoists and other anti-national solely because some politicians or bureaucrats are not prosecuted for molestation or corruption charges. then as per you killing of police personal by these anti nationals are ok. what kind of ideology or revolution maoists are carrying by asking for levy burning machinaries involved in devlopmental works. if a naxalite is killed people like you talk of Human rights then u please answer where are you when 65 crpf men were massacred by these anti nationals in chattisgarh. talking about easter Nations then Binayak and Arundhati Roy were chinese and talking like this then till now may be executed. liberal attitude of our democracy has given you people chance to support anti nationlists within National Capital and still have face to talk about that later.
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Posted By: Rajesh Verma On:11/01/2011
Yes.......charges should be revoked without any delay.
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Posted By: sundhar On:11/01/2011
sedition against congress is unlawful in this country always.they dont know human rights but the right to remain silent in case of corruption.
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Posted By: Arokiasamy On:11/01/2011
Yes. Charges against Binayak Sen should be revoked.
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Posted By: Indian On:10/01/2011
He should not be let free. naxalites have been killing innocent people and policemen for long. The ardent supporters who are helping them to wage a crime against the nation should be treated as criminals and punished accordingly. Binayak sen is no different.
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Posted By: S.N.verma On:10/01/2011
It is ironic that a person who dedicated his whole life to serve downtrodden has been sentenced for sedition while the looters of the country's wealth,rapists, rabid communalists and enemy of humanity are roaming scot free.The highest court of the country should immediately intervene to provide justice to Dr. Sen
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Posted By: Dr Patel On:10/01/2011
Yes, he must be freed. This is a slap on the basic rights which our constitution has rendered to its citizens in 1947!
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Posted By: Carlyle On:09/01/2011
freedom does not entitle a citizen to covertly help anti national elements.We must remember that Binayalk sen has been sentenced by the court not the government.In India getting a court sentence is not any easy task.Only after verifying all facts will the court sentence a person to life.The public must be made aware of all facts of the case.Just hetting emotional won't help.Anyways Mr Sen is free to apeal to higher court.
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