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Binayak Sen

Do you think the government should revoke charges against Binayak Sen?


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Posted By: dhiman On:29/12/2010
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Posted By: Rajarshi Roy On:29/12/2010

Life imprisonment for Dr.Sen shows that actually there is no democracy in India. Although India gets lots of respect from west because of so called world's largest democracy. I believe every concerned citizen from across the globe should protest against this government autocrity.

Thanks and Regards
Rajarshi Roy
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Posted By: sunil baweja On:29/12/2010
yes. such atrocities are committed in India. yet we always pronounce, that we are great democratic nation. if there is an award for most Hippocratic country, we deserve this hands down.
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Posted By: Shrikant On:29/12/2010
Now after was done by Vir Sanghi and Burkha Dutt, surely it is difficult to beleive this "krishnan" Surely our courts are not fools to convict Sen unless he really done something quite wrong. especially when the conviction rates in this counrty are the lowest in the world. If our government has any national feelings they should order CBI to investigate why the so called liberals are raising a hue and cry in the matter. Also exactly what 'good work; has been done by Sen amongst the tribals, beyond inciting them to violence against the security forces.
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Posted By: Dev Dheer On:29/12/2010
Yes he should be set free and India is a democratic nation. Half the govt officials are corrupt and they also should be charged of treason then. if not they then why Binayak.
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Posted By: reshu jain On:29/12/2010
Hi would be in favor to revoke all charges against Dr binayak as there are more Criminal roaming around then to catch Dr Sen..

What bout 2G,CWG,Adarsh,Land scam etc etc.. all those ministers should be in Jail rather than Dr. Sen
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Posted By: Bhaskar Basu On:29/12/2010
Govt. should prove the sedation charges in right earnest which so far they have only manipulated.Will get the boots in the SC
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Posted By: C R Deka On:29/12/2010
yes he is the human activist not connected with extrimist activities.
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Posted By: Anil Dhir On:29/12/2010
Yes, the charges should all be dropped and he should be let free.
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Posted By: B R SIWAL On:29/12/2010
this is injustice of justice
criminals are free in this country and human rights activist in jail
it is shame on our democracy
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