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MNS chief Raj Thackeray has stepped up his agitation demanding that jobs in Maharashtra be reserved only for the Marathis. Is his demand justified?


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Posted By: garuda On:06/02/2010
If each State has a political villain who can afford to call shots, let us not live in this country.
Lack of federal unity is responsible for demanding lucrative cabinet berths to the representatives of regional parties.
The third rate population of this country supports ungainful employment, illiteracy, and also for garnering inflated daily ‘bakshees’ of a political party.
A well known business company in India shiped out ‘lentil’ to elsewhere under guise of some product and earned its money while dishing out few coins to the beauracrats and petty politicians. Likewise, so many nonsense happens in this great Bharat.
Given a chance, a Govt Official will dishonor himself. It holds good for all of us. A slender majority is different from this trait. It can achieve nothing.Those who contribute to this forum should be genuine thinkers. Let those thoughts put this country and its people ahead of others for a quality life. Let religion has no say.
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Posted By: garuda On:06/02/2010
Bal, Udhav and Raj Thackreys are idoits. Congress is responsible to have nurtured them and brought them to this level. The forlon Pawar has contributed to the cause knowingly or unknowingly to the survival of the Sena.

It is high time that the State Capitals be declared as Union Territories. There lies the answer. Let people die. India can afford deaths of unwanted people and those who can afford to shout slogans for pittance.

Let us get rid of such population. Let the Central Govt bring in tough laws who talk like the Thackreyas.

India will be a better country to live in.

Bal,Udhav and Rajy do not own Mumbau and it holds good in the case of Karunanidhis etc etc
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Posted By: an rao On:06/02/2010
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Posted By: C. K. On:06/02/2010
Has Raj Thackeray ever spoken something which could be termed as 'Justified' ? He is spoiling his own political career by taking whimsical decisions in a hurry to gain mass popularity - the more he would do so, the more he would be detatched from masses.
His 'Demand' for jobs for Maharashtrians in Maharashtra is unjustified. None of the states has ever made such a foolish demand.
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Posted By: Uday Nambiar On:06/02/2010
We can't justify Mr Raj Thakery. They are power hungry people and wants to grab power at any cost. Now, they don't have any agenda in their hands, so they raised the slogan of sons of the soil. It is the spirit of the enterprenurship of other communities which help the Mumbai to grow faster than other places. Please note, how many Maharashtrian enterprenuers are there in Mumbai ? If the ouside enterprenuers re-locate to other parts of the country then Mumbai will have place next to Kolkatta.
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Posted By: gyan On:06/02/2010
what is the reason to devide india in states,bcos the people of that place get oportunity there,rather than moving around .so all state sould provide the oprtunities for the people,first state goverment sould think about there people,for which the government is elected for.he is right
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Posted By: karuna On:06/02/2010
Yes, Local people not only in maharastra but in all state should be given priority. That is is problem in Assam like otjher states also.
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Posted By: atchuta On:06/02/2010
Well, if only the sky were green.. If only the plants were blue.... if only MNS & Shiv sena represented the Indians living in Maharashtra.... Shahrukh Khan's house is definitely not in Pakistan, but Shivsena & MNS are behaving like the TALIBAN in Pakistan & Afghanistan. If it were only their call they would definitely want to be declared a separate country and build a sort of China Wall around Maharashtra. But the truth is that any Marathi can go & work anywhere in India just like any other Indian and Mumbai would not be the Business capital of India if it weren't for everyone. (except Shivsena & MNS). I am only wondering why no legal action is being taken against anyone who is abusing the freedom of speech?
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Posted By: Nandakumar Niar On:06/02/2010
The Thakerays are playing with fire, by indulging in language fanaticism. Mumbai is the creation of Indians of all regions. If these guys are concerned about Marathis they should go to Vidarbha area where farmers suicide occurs. If the militant posture of these people continues the Industry should relocate from Mumbai. Mumbai has benefited at the cost of many other Indian cities in the post independence period.I also feel that the Marathi people in general are not reacting against the utterances of these guys which is indicative of their mind set.
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Posted By: joseph On:06/02/2010
If the reservation of dalits & adhivasis in this country is right then the resevation for marathis in maharastra is also right there are lots of unemployement in marathis in maha
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