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MNS chief Raj Thackeray has stepped up his agitation demanding that jobs in Maharashtra be reserved only for the Marathis. Is his demand justified?


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Posted By: Sujit Das On:05/02/2010
Raj is devil's agent. Through him out of India
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Posted By: Ashok On:05/02/2010
raj thackery ko goli maro
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Posted By: n.premkumar On:05/02/2010
many maharashtrians are working in various states of India and there is no restrictions for them regarding language nor any other restrictions. so political parties should refrain from destructive activities atleast ,if they cannot do any constructive activity. india is for indians whetherone is maharashtrian .bengali gujarathi, kannadiga, behari or upian.
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Posted By: Maddy On:05/02/2010
I Feel it is a political game played by the Sena / BJP. BJP wants to look like a good boy now. First tried spliting India by Religion to attain political gains, now another game they are playing thru Sena. Sub paisa paisa paisa paisa paisa paisa........:)
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Posted By: bhaskar narayan On:05/02/2010
it is not worth expressing our opinions to this demand. simply becoz of the fact that if you pay attention and start debates on the demands of each and every lunatic then the world would only belong to them. only a coward like him who hid his stupid smelly butt when the 26/11 attacks were going on in his city can think of so ridiculous a demand to divert the attention from his exempalry show of cowardice.
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Posted By: abbyabraham On:05/02/2010
Such dreams fostered by regional leaders are a total shame for democracy of this great nation. India is one nation and if this truth can be understood we can close our ears to the foolish aspirations of a party or ethnic groups with no democratic values.
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Posted By: Indian On:05/02/2010
If this would be the case, the next demand would be to reserve jobs for Shiv Sena Members only and that would lead to leaving only unskilled labor jobs in Maharashtra. Shiva Ji fought for India not Maharastra. - Jai Bharat
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Posted By: Deipankar Sharma On:05/02/2010
Raj is defintely an insane man driven by his passion to gain political mileage. People like him should be put behind bars for life or if possible hanged. Its for people like Raj that today India is still burning. If other states takes this cue from him then God knows what will happen to a great country like India. I don't know how the people of Maharashtra are tolerating a leech like him. The less said about the Shiv Sena boss Babasaheb the better. He is the root of all this trouble.
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Posted By: S KHAN On:05/02/2010
Raj thackrey and Bal thackrey are crazy dogs.they are anti-indians,goons.They should be sentenced to jail.In old-age Bal thackrey "sanak" gays hai.
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Posted By: Rajani On:05/02/2010
Men like Raj are tolerated only in a country like India where crowds are complacent and don't care as to the consequences of the actions of megalomaniacs like him. If people like Raj find loop holes in law and implement their destructive agendas to satisfy their personal ego country on whole will go to dogs. Just terminate him. He is like cancer to society.
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