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Pay tribute to YSR

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy died on a helicopter crash. Pay tribute to him.


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Posted By: Ravi On:05/09/2009
Dear sir,
You were a peoples man & always thought about the poor peoples well being & every section of the society benefitted.
May your soul rest in peace.
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Posted By: s chandrasekar On:05/09/2009
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Posted By: Ravi Teja On:05/09/2009
Dera Sir, you have left a vaccuum in our hearts in AP and in the whole world, which can be filled by no one. We love you and we pay our rich tributes to you. We salute you for all the good you have done for us. For loving us from deep within. We love you not only because you loved us but because you were a great humen being who made made our world a very beautiful one for every one to live and move. Deepest condolence to the family of Dr YS Rajashekharreddygaru
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Posted By: jacob On:05/09/2009
YSR amar rahe. may his soul rest in peace. your unfinished plans are our goals. your heart towards poor is our reach.
YSR you are always in my thoughts -
YSR amar rahe YSR Johar , YSR hohar
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Posted By: maran On:05/09/2009
Let people remember good deeds you did.
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Posted By: Dr.T.V.G.Rao On:05/09/2009
dynamic person
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Posted By: Venkat On:05/09/2009
Hi , Its very sad day for A.P b'cause we lost a big person who is going to take care of the A.P as he promised. But the the bad time hanging on him when its is not advisaable to travel to drought hit areas , still he put his life behind that and travel to see how hos dear ones are affected with the distraught weather.
As he travelled in the helicophter every thing was fine but the time was very bad it happens one in milloins and it was our dear person who affected with that , God never shown any mercy about that situation , well we have to honour the god 's so called decession what ever he makes ultimately.
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Posted By: nisshanth On:05/09/2009
we are missing our next india great leader...his ideas abt rural deveopment is great .....i can't express .... we want jagan mohan as cm
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Posted By: pravin On:05/09/2009
we will always remember u for ur great work to humankind and sympathy towards them.
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Posted By: pastor.kevin kamalraj On:05/09/2009
Dear YSR,iam in chennai we loved the way you reached the needy & poor like jesus did.It is a big lose to our country.Our church is praying for your family.Even though i had not seen your goodself face to face,i will see you one day when Jesus comes again with his glory.Pease be with your family.
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