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MNS chief Raj Thackeray has stepped up his agitation demanding that jobs in Maharashtra be reserved only for the Marathis. Is his demand justified?


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Posted By: KSC Bose On:04/02/2010
Foolishness! When will they be arrested & put behind the bars by the lethargic Indian Government, We have already cut very sorry figure in our External policies. Take some bold decisions at least in our internal affairs to save Bharath & secure integrity like what Abraham Linkon did it in USA several decades ago..
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Posted By: Khan On:04/02/2010
y r u all wasting our time on this idoit talk. I think he is not worth of getting all this attention. Media should strickly avoid all the statements coming from Thackeray family coz. they are not at all for this country. By sharing their nonsense thoughts, this Media is actually carrying their agenda of dividing this country. Media ! put FULL-STOP on penning Thackerys comments.
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Posted By: Khan On:04/02/2010
F@#k him..
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Posted By: Data On:04/02/2010
Do not make my country into bits and pieces and do not keep splitting it more. In school we learnt "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL". Let these people go back to school to mend their ways. They still follow-up British policies , just for sake of their own lust of power over simple common man. Why don't they think big ? tell them to come out of their narrow mindedness. Why don't they work for INDIA AND INDIANS ? We thought wisdom and education is co-related, but seems their personal interest keep them busy in such ignorant work. Thats why we never had another MAHATMA or Nehru in last 60 years who could have worked on the vision of INDIA. Please tell them to grow-up , world is moving to GLOBALIAZATION and they are moving to REAGIONALISM. Change them if they cannot improve themselves.
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Posted By: Anand Swarup On:04/02/2010
The demands of Mr. Raj Thackeray are totally unjustified. India is for INDIANS. No local communities can stake claim over any state or part of the state. Such moves should be looked down upon. The World is on the move and we returning to feudal systems, which will harm India's forward march. It is really shamefull.
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Posted By: Mahinderpal Singh On:04/02/2010
This is a foolish demand and is a begining towards disintigration of our republic.The persons should be dealt severely under law.
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Posted By: AB On:04/02/2010
Thackerey's are not the voice of Maharashtra, Mumbai or marathi manoos. Who gave them the right to speak on behalf of marathis..They have not been voted to power and neither are the ruling party, so lets first get this clear. thackerey's are bunch of petty-politicians playing petty regional politics for self-gain. i hope the common "indian" in all of us doesnt get incited andhope issue does not result in unnecessary violence. i as a Marathi reject the Thackerey's and their regionalisation-minded statements/ideology. One india for all indians!
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Posted By: Rabinder Nath On:04/02/2010
It is said that all foolish people were left behind in Pakistan at the time of partition in 1947.
Where do we throwstupid people like Raj who were born in India after the partion. I guess we have to dump them into Bombay high to save the country from further decay.
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Posted By: Indian On:04/02/2010
Outfits (Terror) groups should be put forward for debate and discussions and the government should take strict action against Thackeray's who want to fool the people of India by divide and rule policy
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Posted By: Prafulla On:04/02/2010
If you think mumbai is yours then where are you that time when terrorist attacked to your mumbai & killed your people why you & your Sena didn't come out to save your mumbai ? only those commandos save your mumbai & scarifies their life who are not belong to mumbai or any Marathi. because they came to save India not to mumbai....
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