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Will Team Anna party be succesfull?

Do you think Team Anna's political party will be successful in the 2014 elections?


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Posted By: sathyanarayana On:19/10/2013
Since it is new to political field, it is impossible to mobilise people and get votes in its favour No chance.
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Posted By: Singh BP On:19/10/2013
Any new party such as AAP should come to the power based on step by step basis while getting experience and showing the results such as Modi has shown achievements in Gujarat and running for National PM post. If Modi's achievements in Gujarat are well recognised through his honest efforts he will become the next PM. If he is also power hungry he would not be able to stand any longer. Arvind has to prove his words through his deeds. He must be patient to reach the top posts and should keep clean air around him choosing clean people in the AAP. In india it is very hard to find long term clean people specialy in politics. Lal Bahadur Shastri like people are exceptional who were dedicated to serve the India. Now we need leaders who guide the people to love India, through their work potential and honesty as their best policy with high moral values like other developed countries specially like Japan. Each and every Indian must be regarded as high value human being. Our acts should be so.
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Posted By: R C BHARGAVA On:19/10/2013
depends on how much people had been educated/made aware of the model governance AAP can give specially the middle class & poors as the volume of votes lies with them
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Posted By: rajesh On:18/10/2013
The AAP stands a very good chance of winning, as the public is sick &tired of the Shiela dixit covt which has proven a failure due to its failure on fronts of controlling prices ,corruption& crime.Basic amenities are also not available
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Posted By: subhashtewari On:17/10/2013
We should have the option to vote for any candidate anywhere in state or country instead of say a nay locally.
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Posted By: shanmuganandam On:17/10/2013
yes. AAP will win in elections. arvind kejriwal is the future of india
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Posted By: udaya On:16/10/2013
Yes, he will, and we want him to implement LOK PAL BILL. if he successfully implements then we will see that his party comes through out india, IMANDAR AADMI CHAHIYE INDIA KO CHOR NAHI
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Posted By: lakshmikanthabr On:16/10/2013
yes it will emerge as a major party to share with any other party- i.e. if BJP agrees and cleances its loopholes.
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Posted By: Santosh Mukherjee On:16/10/2013
100% Genuine and non fraud party will win
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Posted By: Konga On:16/10/2013
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