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MNS chief Raj Thackeray has stepped up his agitation demanding that jobs in Maharashtra be reserved only for the Marathis. Is his demand justified?


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Posted By: Anup Mukherjee On:04/02/2010
Is Raj Thackeray going to tell all marathas to come back to Maharashtra from other states. First he should do that before reserving Maharashtra for Marathis only
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Posted By: Manu Mathews On:04/02/2010
People like Thackeray are virus to the society.People from all over india come and work in mumbai and as a result the modern mumbai is formed.In a democratic country, its people's choice to decide where to live and its not MNS who is deciding. Siva sena should be banned in india.
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Posted By: Prakash On:04/02/2010
Let the so-called self proclaimed leaders, both Mr.Raj & Mr.Bal Thakeray's educate the entire Marathi Manoos and then let them earn the jobs by their ability. If this is not done so then the entire Maharashtra will go down to the dogs with uneducated people & people holding jobs with fake degrees. The only reason why the so called Mumbai has developed is due to the fact that its run by a cosmopolitan society, with the best brains.Let the media show their true colors just like it did recently of its acquaintance with Pakistani cricketers wherein both the Thackeray's are seen.Jai Hind our India.
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Posted By: alaka On:04/02/2010
Raj, Uddhav and Bal are idiots.They never did any good work for Marathi Manus since begining but they want to come into limelight.Now they want to divide people and rule in the maharastra.
They are basically Gundas and needs to be replied in the same langugage.
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Posted By: mukesh On:04/02/2010
Raj & Bal Thackeray are narrow minded people they want to get famouns nothing else & our goverment is so poor who alllow them barking.this all faliure of our goverment.
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Posted By: Indian On:04/02/2010
Maharashtrians are being fooled by the Thackeray family and they have been happily accepting such stupidity for over 3 decades. As long as Marathis continue to be fools, such people will rule happily. When will our Marathis wake up??
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Posted By: raj On:04/02/2010
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Posted By: yogendra On:04/02/2010
Firstly he should ensure that no Marathi Manas should go out of Maharastra(Rest of India).This regionalisation can endanger those Marathi who are not in Maharastra for any reason.
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Posted By: JASBIR SINGH On:04/02/2010
Thackery should come out of mumbai and ask all marathies to go back in maharastra...
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Posted By: mayank agarwal On:04/02/2010
i think media is responsible for flaring up this issue by little spices, there is nothing wrong as each party has its own justifications in this matter
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