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MNS chief Raj Thackeray has stepped up his agitation demanding that jobs in Maharashtra be reserved only for the Marathis. Is his demand justified?


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Posted By: Satish Nair On:04/02/2010
Yes, Thackerays should be arrested because they are dividing India by religion. Mumbai is not only for Marathis, its for all. Similarly any Indian can visit or work anywhere in India. No language should be barrier in any state. Raj and Bal Thackeray dont have any work hence to come into limelight they adhere this kind of cheap acts.
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Posted By: A K Sinha On:04/02/2010
It is below my dignity to comment anything on Mr.Bal Thackeray and his Sainiks. Mr. Bal thackeray should take retirement from active politics now.
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Posted By: Abhay On:04/02/2010
I understand your frustration . Please find time to go through the manase
website. Maharashtrians are Indians no doubt about it but do try to understand the reason behind this "Marathi Manoos" movement, Jai hind
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Posted By: Vikas On:04/02/2010
Yes, why should Marathis suffer due to immigration of people from other states which do not develop due to their local politics. States like UP, Bihar, West Bengal, etc have remained undeveloped since independence while progressive states like Naharashtra, Gujrat have prospered. People need jobs and will even migrate in search of it.
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Posted By: shiva On:04/02/2010
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Posted By: Vasishtt On:04/02/2010
See what SRK said and what SRK has done .He has tried his best all the time to injure the sentiments of hindus,sikhs&buddhiosts deeply though they are the people who made him a suoer hero& a billionnaire. SRK is completely wrong and his rowdy behaviour unacceptable in any civilized societty.Reemember if SRK was a hindu in paksitan and if he had said similar things favoruing hindus and hindustan his head would have rolled on the streets of lahore or islamabad within the next few hours or minutes, cut off by loving paki jehadi folks and they have already done so in the case of more than 20 lkah minority hindus and sikhs and buddhists already in last 60 years, Be a gentleman SRK and not an ungrateful namak haram,SRK.
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Posted By: Bib On:04/02/2010
It is really sad that we people are arguing on this issue. It is waste of time!! These bastards should be put behind bars for life. These low grade politics should stop and letís all be united against these regional Parties who wants to divide our great nation.
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Posted By: AMit S On:04/02/2010
I guess This Thackarey Family/ Shiv Sena just want to gather People's empathy by raising this stupid agenda, for gaining publicity..I wonder why doesnt police send them to jail for this destruction and raising divide on regional grounds..
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Posted By: Nagesh On:04/02/2010
Let all the non marathi people like up, bihar,
gujrat, andhra, karnataka , tamil, kerala all over india except marathi people should
stop working for one week in mumbai be it hawkers, porters, waiters , clerks , peons,
white collar people, business man, diamond merchants, bankers, shop keepers
and all the people who are helping mubmbai for ages and the people who built mumbai other than maharashtrians shoul stop working for whole one week and let us see how they run mumbai without us..
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Posted By: MURTHY On:04/02/2010
No, it seems Thackery has lost his control over the Sena and also over tounge, to regain these cheap and baseless statementsmay be given.
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