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MNS chief Raj Thackeray has stepped up his agitation demanding that jobs in Maharashtra be reserved only for the Marathis. Is his demand justified?


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Posted By: syed zakir On:04/02/2010
not necessary only marathis should be given whoever is the deserving person should be given the job... despite of language, state, or religion.. what is marathi manoos... ? the person who speaks marathi or they belong to some other religion? i wont agree... a qualified who fits in that particular criteria should be given the job.
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Posted By: lee On:04/02/2010
they should be sent to an asylum.and kept in solitary confinement.
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Posted By: A.V. Poulose On:04/02/2010
Dear Raj & Bal Saheb:
You are brave Marathis (not Indians). All the rest of Indians should be exported to Pacific and dumped so that Bhal-Raj families can peacefully rule of India. Right?????????????
Stupid........ you are none other than devils. You neither believe in God, nor in humanity. You all MNS activities should be sliced and dumped in bio-gas plants so as to draw natural gas for cooking or else.... Otherwise MNS is not worth for anything
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Posted By: Savio Pinto On:04/02/2010
I just cannot understand why this type of episodes damage and hamper our contry's progress. The state government instead of making its presence felt, allows these self proclaimed protectors of Mahashtrians, seems to be be taking for granted that their mightier than the nation as a whole. Secondly the media has been giving undue publicity for such arrogant headlines. Enough is enough, let us resolve to sustain the growth of our Bharat Mahan and not just Maharashtra. The state government should and must protect every individual from these type of hooligans. How come, the state government is silent after showing the burning of posters at the theatres? isn't this itself is evidence enough to book the culprits. Why the citizens of India be afraid to speak thier mind if freedom of speech has been guaranted by the consititution. Are we to follow the dictats of such groups for protection or allow the state government to look after the welfare and safety of its citizens?
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Posted By: Sheena On:04/02/2010
The only thing that Raj Thackeray says is applicable to local state Govt Jobs, any other job should be available to every one. SRK has a perfect right to say what he said.

Shiv Sena has become a terrorist organization and should be abolished from India.
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Posted By: SHARAT On:04/02/2010
These are a bunch of thugs,in the same league as the taliban. They should be stopped
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Posted By: SHARAT On:04/02/2010
absolutely no
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Posted By: emilia On:04/02/2010
both the thackerays Raj and Bala need to mature in their thoughts words and needs. No one has the right to speak on anybodies personal life or their vocation. Remaining single is also an vocation. I think Rahul is more matured and knows what he is doing with his life. Marriage is not the ONLY thing in life. Thanks
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Posted By: Fedup On:04/02/2010
So we have terrorists who are homegrown, MNS, Shiv Sena, and more of the same ilk, don't we have to get rid of them. Do we have live with this backward thinking crazies all the time. I am giving crazies a bad name. Enough is enough. More than anything else, we are humans and whatever success we have in life should be on merit and nothing else.
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Posted By: Ankur On:04/02/2010
Any anti-social element should be treated under law, So no one is exception.
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