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Is it right on the part of the courts to prosecute Irom Sharmila for holding a 'fast until death' when many of the country's icons including Hazare and Gandhi have held the same for their causes?


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Posted By: ypal On:04/03/2013
It is really sad.
Just Imagine what would have happened if British Govt would have adopted the same attitude with our Father of the Nation.
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Posted By: Vijay On:04/03/2013
No. Definitely not. Whether it is Gandhi, Hazare or Sharmila, they struggled for complete liberation for the people of India. Their struggles are non-violent. Similar way as Gandhi did, Sharmila is fighting against AFSPA only by Ahimsa. Sharmila has no other way to make understand the government that this Act is unconstitutional. Indian government did not take any steps since 12 years of fast.
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