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MNS chief Raj Thackeray has stepped up his agitation demanding that jobs in Maharashtra be reserved only for the Marathis. Is his demand justified?


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Posted By: pratik shah On:04/02/2010
raj and bal thackery both have lost their mental balance, that is for sure.
First thing is that no one listens to these two, not even their marathis listen to this all nonsense. According to me they are both cowards as was shivaji, in the past history neither shivaji was able to make any impact, neither this idiots (who are generally drunked) is going to make any impact in mumbai. People are going to migrate to mumbai from all parts of india, as usually, and none of thier plans to make marathi compuslary or anyother thing is going to get succeed.
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Posted By: gautam gupta On:04/02/2010
Its strange how the reservation should be applied only to jobs.....he should also stand for the following.. industry other than the maharashtra generated one should be that leaves out all BANKS ,MNC,CORPORATES etc.
2.only marathi food allowed...VADA=PAV....oops....isn't pav from the britishers...a variant of bread....BAN that too
3.No one from maharashtra should be allowed and given a VISA to go abroad and pursue a career or studies.
4.marathis should only study work in marathi organisations and not elsewhere..

uncle raj should implement these first.
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Posted By: asdfghytr On:04/02/2010
govt must shut there mouth. by all means.
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Posted By: shivaji Desai On:04/02/2010
Some of the politicians behave like they are children of a retarded parents.mentally poor and use fatwas to make it easy for them in a fair and competitive democracy. SHIV SENA IS ONE SUCH FAMILY. I MUST SAY WE HAVE A TOOTHLESS DEMOCRACY.
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Posted By: Ricardo R On:04/02/2010
The shiv sena ransacks public property, injures ordinary indians when their so called interests are affected. So what is the difference between a Shiv Sena attack to a Pakistani Terrorist attack.If they loved Mumbai so much where were the shiv sainiks that time. They could have all gone and overpowered the terrorists considering their number.Prople are fed up with all this bullshit in our country.
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Posted By: Mahendra Pathak On:04/02/2010
In 1956 when Bombay state was divided into two states-Gujarat and Maharashtra,there was an idea of making Mumbaia Acentrally administered area, but the then chief minister Mr. Y. B.chavan (father of present CM) promised to keep the status of Mumbaia cosmopolitan. But soon the names in Gujarati of mumbai railway stations were removed from boards. The present govt. instigated Shiv Sena and MNS by intitially saaying the taxi drivers should know Marathi if they want a license.Then they backed out. Both Thackreys are like Talibans who issues Fatva every now and then. They are loosing ground and want to win Marathi votes. I remember the famous Marathi writer V.S.Khandekar use to say Mumbai culture is not Marathi culture. Mumbai has been developed by different communities from all over India. It is sad that some Marathi artists in Film Awards Functions say Jay Maharashtra instead of Jay Bharat.If Raj is so much proud of Marathi they why he is sending his kids in English medium schools?
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Posted By: Ami Panjabi On:04/02/2010
Thackeray's seem to have totally lost it! As an Indian we can live and work anywhere in India as we please.
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Posted By: Krishna On:04/02/2010

I think this is sheer nonsense and such people should be arrested and the media should start ignoring such people. These parties are going no where and trying to take India back by 100 years. Such people are more dangerous than the terrorists and should be treated as anti-social elements.
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Posted By: Dinesh On:04/02/2010
SHANI ki PANOTI on SHIV SENA? Everyone who stand ups against SHIV SENA would get political milage. LJP, RSS, UPA, CONG, BJP, DMK, NCP etc are gaining it. Why MNS, RJD, SP etc left behind?
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Posted By: paul prashanth On:04/02/2010
I blame the congress govt in mumbai for its repeated failure to control the sena thugs.
Time and again sena goondas have threatened mumbais peace, and the govt does nothing.
The stupid old bal thackray should realise mumbai cant operate on its own.It is a part of india u old fool
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