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Does Kasab deserve death?

Ajmal Amir Kasab was sentenced to death by a special court, which ruled that he did not have any right to live. Do you think the court should have given him a lighter punishment?


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Posted By: True Patriot On:11/05/2010
Shame, Hindus,indians for sheltering such ungrateful and poisonous serpents for so many decades and for giving them all sorts of love and affection which poor majority do not get.Surely knowing the terror and hatred in minds of indian muslims, Dr Ambedkarji argued for forceful repatriation of all msulims to paksitan in 1947 and the fake freedom fighers and anti-hindus and britisj double agents Mahatma Gandhee and Nehru objected Ambedkarji's idea and allowed the ungareful creatures to stay since they were planniung to use them as vote banks and to found crooked nehru dynasty by splitting hindus into factions and making them fight.History will prove that mahatma and nehru are tge grestest villains who made hindus and indian poor powerless and ennuch country wittout any pride or honour&courage.Shame,Hindus,Shame
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Posted By: True Patriot On:11/05/2010
If and when kesab and afzal guru and all , the jehadi mass killers are hanged, police and authoruties must not forget to sprinkle their bodies, before killing withblood of pig before killing and after killing so that they and other jehadis do not go to heaven after death as tpreached by terror manual quran and fanatic mullahs for doing genocide of hindu,sikh and christian kafirs. See ther absolute silence of indian msulims and support for kesab the mass killer and they too like anroshan and kesab must be dreaming to get heavn after detah with virgins and wine for killing and genocide of hindu,sikh,christian kafirs.Shame, Hindus,indians for sheltering such ungrateful and poisonous serpents for so many decades
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Posted By: Jay Bharat On:11/05/2010
This is rediculous, they came to our house killed our people and we are talking on if we should punish the remaining DOG or not. Kill him and kill him the way his bloody fathers should see and why they send him to our Country
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Posted By: Satyakijeet On:10/05/2010
Kasab deserved to be hanged.But the real problem is still not sovled.A lot of questions related to Shaheed KARKARE Saheb yet to be answered and need justice.Also the core issue is the Forces behind Kasab must be unearth and cleared.Similarly all those convicted in killing innocent whether 1993,2001,2002 etc must be hanged otherwise Justice will remain uncomplete.
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Posted By: mandeep On:10/05/2010
Yes. He deserved sever punishment. He deserved this punishment an year back.
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Posted By: Bindiya Garg On:10/05/2010
He should because he has murdered many people from India. And we are against him. Why they are delaying his death?He shud be hanged within a week. We all want this.
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Posted By: Reader On:09/05/2010
dont only hang him, hang him infront of people and then cut his body into millions of small pieces and distibute it to dogs, I am sure dog will also not eat them
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Posted By: gorilla On:09/05/2010
Kasab should be hanged early. if kasab is not hang then Pakistan will send many more kasabs. but if hanged early ISI will murder his parents and family members and pretend he no way connect with Pakistan. Pakistan only understand language of force. Bhutto called Indians dogs at UN. but when Indira Gandhi slapped pakistanis in 1971, Bhutto came to Shimla licked Indira's chappals and barked like a dog and said "yes maam" and became super dog. Vajpayee extended hand of friendship. but Musharrraf spits on it. when Vajpayee clench his fist after Parliament attack Musharraf touches his feet and says "sorry Sir, sorry Sir". Pakistan no saviour of Indian Muslims. rather they raped and murdered lakhs of hindus and sikhs and jains and 30 lakh raped and murder in 1971 alone. even muslims raped and murdered. so, if they hear hindus murder muslims, they feel happy as guilt resolve. who knows, Gujarat killers of hindus and muslims may be in Dawood home in Pakistan eating karachi biscuits.
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Posted By: narendra kumar dash On:09/05/2010
kasab is abig threat to our country bcoz as long as he lives terrorists of pakistan will try to make him free by making more horrific incident like 26/11 in mumbai
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Posted By: shakthi On:08/05/2010
Don't bring bloody BJP political comments in to this segment. They have more dirty politicians than kasab.
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