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Binayak Sen

Do you think the government should revoke charges against Binayak Sen?


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Posted By: k.c.das On:03/01/2011
Let the charges be examined first because all say they are right.khagendra
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Posted By: chitraganda On:03/01/2011
if you are serious about preserving India people like binayak should be hanged at the earliest.
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Posted By: Dr.Basu On:03/01/2011
If you are serious to bring back the country on its own feet,we need more Binayak Sen.The country may go to DOGS if the same condition persists.Handful people live in shining India,rest all in TOTAL DARK INDIA.Those people need to fight against these HANDFUL.
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Posted By: pranav On:02/01/2011
The question is what is the quality of charges against him anyone can be so charged .Further looking at the contradictory statements coming in it looks more like an implication .What the Government duty towards it s citizen is to give him a fair and imopartial hearing and if it looks skewed intervene in the first possible instance. The Governments side of the version is still to be seen it is only heard in courts and that part is very very greay if not fully shady
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Posted By: AJAY GGUPTA On:02/01/2011
Its up to law agency to decide the fate of Dr. Sen.
But giving life sentence in a hurried judgment obviously raises the eye brows.

The govt has more better job of investigating the three scams which has rocked the nation of enthusiast young Indians like CWG scam which brought shame to all indians who are living in indian and abroad.
Further Adarsh Society Scam which is a slap on the people who are defending the nation.
And 2G Scam which cost the economy of india of crores of rupees.

First these cases should be sorted in the interest of the nation.
In my opinion these scams amounts to Anti Nation Activities more than what Dr. Sen did ...
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Posted By: subhashtewari On:02/01/2011
What is sedation actually?Politicians and others working for outsider interests,corruption ,rapists investing crime against their own nationals or people struggling with off the road means in the interest of the country.Police of Jalandhar,Hoshiarpur,Ludhiana,Palampur(HP) have rapists in them and live in status without any action and advesre public opinion about them.Do these not contribute to sedation by violating the fundamentals of law and order?
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Posted By: bnpai On:02/01/2011
No,but there should be an appeal so as to
have a re think in public opinion as well.
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Posted By: Bishnupada Deb On:01/01/2011
It is a shame for every Indian that a man like Binayak Sen is imprisoned. He should be released immediately
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Posted By: Dipankar On:01/01/2011
Andher Nagri Choupat Raja....., in today's demo world my these words may looks odd, but A bit full fact is U reaching home at Eve. safely U should be thankful to whom so ever u call God. I feel my self strongly shameful on giving my comments or view, as A citizen all of us are shocked, Binayak should be treated at least as Indian ?
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Posted By: P Chandra On:01/01/2011
All the intellectuals , supporting terrorism, like A Roy, B Sen, M Patkar be hanged to death immediately.These persons are hurdles to development of INDIA. On the instant of some foreign wasted interests, they are indulged in all type of anti INDIA campaign.
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