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Does Kasab deserve death?

Ajmal Amir Kasab was sentenced to death by a special court, which ruled that he did not have any right to live. Do you think the court should have given him a lighter punishment?


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Posted By: k.subramanian On:07/05/2010
Yes. He must not live in this world.The execution should be in public place.
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Posted By: gsubram On:07/05/2010
He was stupid enough to take his rifle to kill innocents people. He was smart enough he could have used WMD against india. Poor guy. India is full of cursed bastards and should be nuked not just shoot .
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Posted By: Arvind On:07/05/2010
Does Kasab desrves death??? Yes he does. This is the question everybody has been asking for quite a long time now. The real question should be that has he really been sentenced to Death????? Is it real? Our media is doing nothing but showing him the ways he can still defend himself and if the media is to believed then Kasab has actually been sentenced to Life and to be hanged. Why President is sitting on so many cases still pending for confirmation on sentence.....
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Posted By: anroshan On:07/05/2010
Kasab shot may be 20 Indians. Modi and his Hindu mobs had 2000 Indians dead, so he could win an election. Modi is free. The Hindus do not demand to hang him. All the Hindus want Kasab hanged immediately. Why ? The Kasabs came to kill Hindus because Hindus mobs killed Muslims in India. In the last few years, it is true that Hindu mobs have not attacked Muslims. That is only because the Pakistanis gave up their lives to kill Hindus. Hindus now know the consequences of demolishing the Babari masjid, and indulging in pogroms, but they won't admit it. The problem is the Hindus do not know how to put out the fire they started. The Kasabs will only stop coming to kill the Hindus when the Hindus stop portraying themselves as enemies of Muslims.
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Posted By: madan On:07/05/2010
Do u still want to ask this question? I guess it was all known that he is guilty and deserved this. Do not delay and make him pay for his deeds. Do it fast and show no mercy. What human rights? Were there no human rights when he was firing at CST. Forget it and let him face the music
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Posted By: seli On:07/05/2010
he should be kept alive ,,, but ........ his arms n legs should be amputated and his pecker chopped off into 165 pieces of equal length and he should be served a grand meal with it ....... gosh! 165 innocent people ........
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Posted By: Keshav On:07/05/2010
Kasab not only deserves death penalty but more than that. The crime which he commited against humaity is beyond the limits to be measured. He should be given teh injections of Aids;cancer;TB;Meningites & all other infectious diseases & should be kept alive to face the pain arousing of diseases. Than he will come to know that what is pain;feeling;love;brotherhood is.
Our govt. is just helping him to get rid of his life easily. He will not a get a place in hell also.
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Posted By: sunilhbk On:07/05/2010
very very happy moment for india ........i am very glade to here dis for kasab .
it is a great ans for pak also .
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Posted By: ROHIT SOMANI On:07/05/2010
the court decision is absolutely right. He does not have a right to live. He should be hanged immediately without any other remedy. why public money is wasted on such hardcore criminals. they should be killed in open ground so that all the terror outfits know that India cant tolerate terror activities.
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Posted By: Sri On:07/05/2010
Indians are Idiots...
I would have been happy if ONLY India would have bombed Pak and broken Pak into multiple independent states...
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