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Ayodhya issue

Do you think the legal battle over the Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid issue will ever end?


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Posted By: subhashtewari On:28/09/2010
Akbar the great,married Jodhabai because he knew that Hindus respect their jeejaji far more than any other community and he wiuldbe safe ruler so long rajputs respected him.People in favour of Babri Masjid should adopt farsighted wisdom of Akbar.Legal losses will generate mutual hatred and terrorism only.There is no end to mutual contentions.
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Posted By: b.mishra On:27/09/2010
this issue will never end bcoz our govt.does'nt want to solve .or any political party who wants to be in govt. does'nt want a solution.
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Posted By: Bolayto On:26/09/2010
Actually , destruction of Babri Mosque by Hindutwa Terror is the Construction of Road for BABAR 2.
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Posted By: mak On:25/09/2010
It must end soon. this will be heart of indians living there and hamper relations. majority is hindus minority is muslim.nobody liketo do weird act forcefully. few kings occupied india in late centuries and they are part of archeological part of india.must be resolved peacefully . if someone do injustice to someone then thye obviously go for separation. and it ultimately affect international community..1527 comes under historical issues...both hindus and muslims were equal under akbar..did they do injustice in those historical times.Any religion teaches peace. cheers
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Posted By: V.L.Lokre On:25/09/2010
The legal battle will continue for another fifty years easily. Ram Janmabhoomi clearly belongs to Hindus without any reservation. All the political parties should be firm to settle the matter by passing a resolution in parliament.
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Posted By: ratan On:25/09/2010
why shahrukh khan and other khans dance with hindu ladies?why terrorist attack on india?why very humble india suffer?because islam have been destorying hindu temples since longiest time just to uproot the civilisation of hindus,else he attack,misuse hindu girls,time has come A BIG CHNGE,RAM MANDIR MUST BE BUILT so that 's the way to answer above question,that will stop domination for ever,that will also bring peace to the world,or lets see next..which is not the best! at all,hindustan and hindu temple,let them build peacefully hindus are not terrorist,let the peace to prevail and last longiest..
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Posted By: sarathy.amudhan On:24/09/2010
Give peace a chance. I request all concerned to maintain peace and harmony.
Shri Ramchandraji, has been in the minds of Indians through generations and would rank No. 1 in popularity. Muslims should help the Hindu brothers to construct the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, which is a matter of faith and belief for millions of Indians.
In return all Indians should come forward to construct a Grand Mosque. This could be located in the Shanti Van, forest of peace, near the memorial of India's great leader and first prime minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, the father of institutional democracy of the country, who always advocated and worked for a secular, equal and free society. This would be a fitting tribute to Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru and what he stood for.
I request all peace loving Indians to support this solution and give it the widest possible coverage. We should strive to build a consensus on this.
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Posted By: Ravibhai On:24/09/2010
It will not end because of the superiority between the Supreme and High court.Any how there should be a judgement but the politicians expecting their harvest. The Congress is the major party doubling the game and creating the troubles.
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Posted By: BRAHMASTRA On:24/09/2010
The facts of the case are quite simple and straight forward. There is enough evidence, at ground level (archeology) and literary leval (books written by both Hindu and Muslim scholars), which attest to the fact that a grand Vishnu temple existed in the disputed spot since the B.C.E. period. There is also enough evidence that the said temple was destroyed by fanatical rulers acting in the name of Islam, during medieval times. Incidentally, Lord Rama is a very important incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Mughal ruler Babar had conquered large parts of India after defeating another Muslim ruler Ibrahim Lodi. The battle was fought at Panipat, Haryana. So, Babar could have built a victory monument at Panipat or Delhi, which was the seat of the empire. But he built it in Ayodhya, to insult the sentiments of Hindus. The rest is well known and does not necessitate any repetition. It is hoped that the Honourable Courts acknowledge these facts, while delivering judgements.
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Posted By: Prasanna G. On:24/09/2010
First thing is we have to go for conclusion of POK issue. Becauase we(Indians) should have involvement in solving the problem of major issues. Then we could have to take the decission about internal Religion issues. such cases may be turns to effectivness of Indian economy base. Further situations have to take care with legal battle.
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