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Serial blasts

Mumbai has been hit by a series of explosions and appears to be the central target for terrorists. Express your outrage here over the recent explosions to rock the financial capital.


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Posted By: Shanks On:14/07/2011
Mumbaites have quite a lot of patience in getting bullied by the political leaders. Self help is the best help - Mumbaites, wake up, get together, have your own security at places, dont rely on the government or its police to provide you the security! Let us see the politicians walk like a common man, alone, without any security, or without throwing off the train the commuters on board when they are commuting!
Yesterday, where were those politicians who in Mumbai make a huge noise, create chaos and bully the soft people - were they as scared as a dog running off with its tail between its legs? No offer of any help also from them! Politics in India is dirty, no matter which party it is. Its time all the common people came together and have an uprising to ovethrow this nonsense created by politicians. Jago India Jago. Mumbaites - hats off to you for the non dying spirit and oneness shown time and again.
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Posted By: saumen Bhadra On:14/07/2011
once again Mumbains show their tolerance despite of another cowerdice attack by the terrorists on innocent civilians.Why we should spend the money of Indian people on these terrorists like Ajmal Kasav months and years together.Indian government should stop this mockery immediately.
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Posted By: Indian On:14/07/2011
Political Heads and other leaders they dont have time to protect India, They are all busy with earning more & More money.Now we have reached a position that, even thousand Gandiji will not able save our Nation. Every ware it is corruption . India has become very week . people dont have proper security for their life & Property. Shame to celebrate National functions. all Police officials are not allowed to do their duties because of the Corrupted Political Leader
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Posted By: DDe On:14/07/2011
It is a Unholy Political Alliance that makes all this happen.
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Posted By: Arun On:14/07/2011
The government will make a few noises, set up committees, and finally sweep the whole thing under the carpet until another blast takes place, but we the citizens must ensure that we vote for change the next time and also ensure that those who have lost their precious lives and those who have been affected get our support in moving ahead with us and not get left behind and forgotten.
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Posted By: Raghuraman On:14/07/2011
It is better that the private sector in Mumbai should guard themselves. The Indian government will continue to play dirty politics and pardon every terrorist. The Congress is impotent and I would not be surprised if PC lays the blame on the so called non existent Hindu terrorists. This is what Congress has done for us for the last 60 years - pay lip service to the dead and continue to rob the country with or without terrorists. Their only grievance against terrorists is that they do not want their share to be spoiled.
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Posted By: Biswajit Mishra On:14/07/2011
Finally we selected those people who are just give us a consolation that "we r looking into the matter and the accused will be punishable".We the people believes their words & waiting for the justice like Kasab.Nothing will happen till the next blast & contineous blast .
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Posted By: B Serious On:14/07/2011
Express one's outrage year after year orincident after incident, but what the authority will di is to decalre that 'they do everything possible to provide relief to the injured and to the families of the deceased'! Nothing more, nothing less! Voters are divided on any possible diffreneces amongst them, like nortrh, south, east ,west or on gender (remember the women's reservation to split the vote and not to empower) or on caste or on religion. The list goes on. No government in India (unlike their werstern countereparts) has ever cared to say that they will 'do everything possible to previent this from happening'! Think about it before expressing the outrage! Shoul dit be at the government or on the crooks; There is enough time for one to ponder!
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Posted By: Pallav Johri On:14/07/2011
Way to go Indians, we deserve more of this..... continue voting for ppl like Pig Vijay Singh and his brethen - congrats to the English electronic media and civil society like Arundhati - their efforts for a Secular India are not going any waste.
Long live Kasab and Ajmal on Indian soils to see many more blasts like these, finally Jai Ho to the great Congress Party and our President Sahiba to get stuck on death sentences of terrorists!
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Posted By: Bharat Desai On:14/07/2011
Zaveri bazar and opera house is regular target of terrorists. I request the gujaratis please make arrengement for your sefty on your own neithe the govt will make nor the police have will to do so.arrange security guards and cctv camera not only at the above places but also at the places where gujaratis use to visit more such as Vileparla market Gha,tkoper, Kandivali, borivali bhainder etc. instead of depending on govt and police and wasting your money on food and entertainment. Trader association should fix cc camera and security guards at every market through out India. at least you will not be cought in sleep. Whenever Indo-pak talk about to resume or if pakistani say good things for India take that as alert and be careful that pakistan have planned bomb blast. Manmohans or Chinumbarams will never walk on street so they will not come to know the pain and grief of the family who keep on loosing their beloved one
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