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Ayodhya issue

Do you think the legal battle over the Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid issue will ever end?


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Posted By: True Patriot On:23/09/2010
Ecellent comment Sekhar and many other patriotic hindus. All Hindus and all world msut know that in msulim majority nations, minroities like hindus,sikhs, buddhists or kafirs have NO right to live and why talk of rights? See ghostation pakistan and malaysia and saud arabia,etc more than 20 lakh hindus and sikhs&buddhist ahve been kille by terror by jehadis in pakistan and they have demolished all hindu and silh and buddhist laces of worship too. For peace in world both terror religions islam and christianity and their religious hate preaching terror manuals quran and Bible must be BANNED.
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Posted By: Sekhar On:23/09/2010
I just wanted to know if Hindu's staying in Pakistan & Bangladesh have similar rights or not? Can they go to the court of law and demand as a right to rebuild temples that were destroyed in the respective countries? Even if they can, would they be allowed to live if they dare attempt something like this?

Now as a hypothetical case lets assume all the above was possible, the big question, would their decision be what its going to be in the Indian court of law? (As we all understand Congress's vote-bank politics we all know that the Congress Party will ensure that the decision goes in favor of the muslims)
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Posted By: Sudhansu Sekhar Jha On:23/09/2010
Yes the issue can end and the best solution towards resolving the same is that a Mosque & a temple be built under a common premise. The 1st ever mosque & temple co-existing as a symbol of peace & harmony. The one of its kind & the first ever mosque where one could offer prayers & the 1st ever temple where namaz could be offered. Lets defeat the communal designs waiting to pounce on the opportunity & set an example for the whole world. Thank you.
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Posted By: genius On:23/09/2010
Frpm tomorrow India will be known popularly as Hindustan. India will take over Pakistan and Muslim Brothers will peacefull live with Hindus. Hindustan will rule the world in just 6 years,
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Posted By: master On:23/09/2010
yes. it will end tomorrow after the judgement. Muslims will be shown their place and have to be content with pakistan, which also will be included in Greater India within a decade, from now
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Posted By: Nikhil Anand On:23/09/2010
no verdict will come...... most probably the case will be postponed.... first be an Indian
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Posted By: jay prakash laheri On:23/09/2010
I think build the ram mandil here.............
jai shree ram............
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Posted By: subhashtewari On:23/09/2010
I had posted this haiku on a well known poetry site few years ago:
"rubb and ish
somehow both mean god
some mean play rubbish"
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Posted By: chalapathirao On:23/09/2010
What is patriotism.Killing each other is not patritism .Let us understasnd the fudamental decipline.That is respecting the humanity.
This issue can never end.Ledt us divert ourselves from this subject and concentrate on the welfare of human religion and no other religion can be above the religion of humanity.
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Posted By: Twinkle On:23/09/2010
One should build a mental hospital to treat mad patient like True patriot who has nothing to do but contaminate the atmosphere by his hatred against Muslims and Christians
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