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Serial blasts

Mumbai has been hit by a series of explosions and appears to be the central target for terrorists. Express your outrage here over the recent explosions to rock the financial capital.


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Posted By: N. Balaji On:14/07/2011
These politicians spending more time only to save their seat for 5 years. This is going to happen even if there is change in Government. The only solution is president rule has to take place then we can put all these under control. Recently TV channel shown that Mumbai coastal security did not improve after 26/11. Mumbai seems to be UNsafe.
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Posted By: subhashtewari On:14/07/2011
Osama bin laden was buried in Arabian Sea.Couds coming from this sea appear to have modulated the rain as well.Not alone these incidents,but recent train accidents too may be terrorism.
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Posted By: Muralidhara KS On:14/07/2011
Yesterday I was in a taxi just 50 mts away from the spot of explosion at Dadar when it happened. It was immediately felt that a cylinder blost but latter found huge smoke and latter confirmend bomb. It was a huge immediately we saw lots of blood and injured persons. This type of cowerdy activities are happening very ofetn. We clime we are strong and developing - It is a wrong depiction evidenced by these type of activities.
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Posted By: shalaka navalakr On:14/07/2011
i condemn this terror attack from bottom of my heart. But end of the day what actions we are going to take against these terrorist.we copy many thing from foreigners why cant we copy stringent laws of them...
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Posted By: Brindra Prasad On:14/07/2011
What will be our reaction, What external measures we have because Internal Security and Gaurd is No Gaurentee, it happenning agian and again, Only condeming the Act, stopping Talks, Assurences are all useless low long will a simple indian will suffer before a befitting reply internally and externally, Or we are condemned to get killed Now US will say don't react othrewise Pakistan will move forces from its tribal western border and our white soldiers will be at harms way, If our PM says that thier are Some Indians, Pakistani and Bangladeshis terrorist linked to ISI then such will be critisised, so think the blood of killed Indians are on whose hand, thier will be Osamaji, the Batla house encounter will be a doubt though the police inspector died for free, the terrorists will be realeased to save a hijacking, or given safe passage under external pressure, how very pathetic
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Posted By: Kabeer Maseeh On:14/07/2011
The PREDATORY concept in religeous propogation Came from Judaism the mother of Christianity and Islam thats an animalistic concept is you eat up some one then only you grow fat, such nature and practice is adopted by those races/persons who are recent development from humonis to humans as the Africans, Arabs, Westerners, Semetic pople are unlike the Indian & Chinese races who are much earlier developed from Ramapithicus the Aryan Indians and Hanumanapithius th Mangoloids
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Posted By: srigd On:14/07/2011
Jago Inidians Jago UPA committed a Mistake immediately after during 26/11. instead of finding out who helped Kasab & his gang to come into India and wage an act of war. It thought finding or acting against Local player would lose its Vote Bank. If Local contacts of Kasab is not dealt seriously more of such thing are bound to happen in Days to Come .
Kick ur MPs and MLAs change the Laws of Your country to deals with Terrorist. other wise perish
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Posted By: vijay On:14/07/2011
why it happened to india , have u seen any attack on usa after 9/11. reason is police and politicain have no commitmnet to protect people.
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Posted By: sharma On:14/07/2011
With congress in power these blasts bound to occure & NCP support is not helping the matter.Why blame islam when we have Diggi Raja.As for as vetican is concerned we are still looted by it.
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Posted By: krishna kumar On:14/07/2011
Kindly axe Mr chidambaram from Home minister post.He is fit for nothing.
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