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Will Lanka regain its tranquility?

Will Prabhakaran's death finally bring peace to Sri Lanka?


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Posted By: selvam On:21/05/2009
Like Pakistan the politician of srilanka has made poitical life by anti tamil stand and action. Who is the strong anti tamil is the row between the srilankan political parties. Rajabakshe has a terrorist mind set that by only eliminating the majority areas of Tamils by ethnic cleansing he can satisfy the ego of srilankan madness that he has been developing al;these years. He has brutally annihilated millions of tamils,allowed raping of tamil girls, murdered youth rabbing thier eyes, kidneys etc. He boldy denied entry to world press, even srilankan press any area so that the his true actions are not at all revealed. What we know is his version. The whole world failed to control one idiotic leader. The day the worlld came to know the true picture the tamil race would have been removed from srilanka. But transquility l never return. His own soldiers whom he has pampered all these years will not rest will not have peaceful sleep for what they have done and will turn against Rajbakshe
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Posted By: krishna kumar On:21/05/2009
I write this message after good thinking.

The Lankan Tamils must pay due homage to Prabhakaran. He has done his best. He was a real Tiger. The Death of Prabhakaran will be justified soon in the near future.

The Question remains whether the sri-lankan government will give proper rights and justice to the tamils in sri-lanka.

Further will such notifications given by the government of sri lanka will be followed by the sinhalese be it admin, job, health and welfare.

If it is not than we need another prabhakaran to set matters straight.

Anyway I salute Prabhakaran for his deeds. Every time it is not possible to do Gandhigiri especially in sri-lanka where people are different.

Finally, The sri lankan govt will have to face the international pressure for protecting the minorities. Thanks to Prabhakaran
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Posted By: jAYARAM On:21/05/2009
Yes, but not immediately. The Sinhalese government has to utilize the opportunity to give a reasonable poitical settlement to the Tamil ethnic issue. Otherwise another organisation is sure to crop up in the future.
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Posted By: purushothaman On:21/05/2009
No No No.........
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Posted By: krishna kumar On:21/05/2009
He fought for people and not for his own self interest like others.Hat off to such brave man who did not surrender. The SUPPORT from its creator , was stopped and LTTE faced such critical time.Struggling for Freedom is not crime , it is not terror as people are labling, whether it is in J&K, Afghanistan and Irak. The mother of all problems is UN which is hijacked by US & EU.
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Posted By: krishna kumar On:21/05/2009
NO. suppression cannot bring any useful solution. Prabhakaran's death cannot bring peace to srilanka. The curse of thousands of innocent Tamilians dead, will bring only disaster to Srilanka. Instead Srilanka should have treated all ethnic people like equally with all full respect, rights and everything, then peace and prosperity would have been showered by the Almighty. Alas! It did not happen. So Devils days are there for Srilanka. like Palestenian and Isreal. Sonia and All Indian politicians only helped to suppress the Freedom Fighters. They all forgot that they, Indians were also one Day Freedom Fighters and lost thousands of lives to get freedom from British. But the same shameless Congress forgot their past story and supported the Criminal Rajapakshe
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Posted By: krishna kumar On:21/05/2009
i am not a tamilian..........but truly beleive that prabhakaran strived for the rights of his people..........killing him and his family including a 13 year old will not stop the moment this great human being started...............i beleive that every Tamil will become a Prabhakaran and fright for their rights.....................dam with Vinayaka moorthy Muralidharan (karuna) or karunanidhi (old femily head with ove to wards his family politics only) or any other politicians who ignored the Tamil Cause in the island. they all are oppurtunist and facist leaders. Hail Prabhakaran.............long live the rights of every human being
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Posted By: BALAJEE On:21/05/2009
Death of Somebody will never bring peace on this earth. If So many deaths would have created heaven on this earth. It is the moral duty of Mr. Rajapaksay to wash his blood by creating harmony among his people. Otherwise as many told, history will repeat and everlasting peace will be a far cry. For some extent our politicians also to be blamed for their selfish acts to gain with Srilankan tamils. God give strength and peace to come out of this situation.
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Posted By: Vimala On:21/05/2009
Yes, if Sri Lanka government reaches out to innocent civilians who were as much a victim of LTTE as they were of chauvinistic politics. The world knows how LTTE brutally eliminated any opposition among Tamils and blocked any effort to settle the issue. Their destruction was essential to regain peace and tranquility in Sri Lanka. The international community should work towards rebuilding the lives of Tamils instead of championing the cause of LTTE and its followers among the Tamil disapora.
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Posted By: Hari Kumar On:21/05/2009
After the death of Prabhakaran, the territory can bring peace for some extent. However,if the govt. will start working for rehabilation of the ethentic people, the region will get peace gradually.
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