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Does Kasab deserve death?

Ajmal Amir Kasab was sentenced to death by a special court, which ruled that he did not have any right to live. Do you think the court should have given him a lighter punishment?


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Posted By: hashim basheer On:06/05/2010
Every single citizen in India want kasab to be hanged 1000 times at public.....
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Posted By: David Santos On:06/05/2010
Please as I have said before sentence a terrorist to death will not send any message to the others, this guys carried out their attack for roughly 24 hours, they already know they will end up dead, sending him to death by hanging is a one way ticket to meet his wife's, please stop, given these guys visa, plane ticket and even BTA to heaven.

sentencing this guy to death is it an encouragement or what, he new he will die either by gun short or by what the court angrily did, people are angry yes, but are we trying to please people or prevent this from happening another time. you make people happy today by given him all he needs to travel to heaven then next time his friends will come with more devastating attack and and expect to be short in the act or wait for mercy killing by the court please spread the news are we encouraging terrorism ignorantly
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Posted By: mksv On:06/05/2010
He deserved to be stoned to death. Let us use the Sharia Law that these Muslims love so much.
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Posted By: Rajesh On:06/05/2010

He doesnot deserve a simple death by hanging. He needs to be Whipped 100 times daily for the rest of his life.Learn from Saudi Arabia and Taliban, Use Muslim Punishments ,Public Flogging for him Give them what the believe .He needs to be starved every few days . He needs to understand the meaning of life and its importance.BY Hanging him,they will call him a Martyr and say that he has gone to Heaven to sleep with the beautiful women waiting for him.You cannot win such people by love, Like they say Eye for and Eye,Learn from the GITA. Krishna told Arjuna why he needs to fight against his Uncles and Aunts and Gurus.AND if we have to hang him, do it in a month or a week, just the way Saddam was disposed off, QUICKLY before it becomes a Public Mess
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Posted By: anroshan On:06/05/2010
All the Hindus want Kasab executed. They are venting their frustrations. They are not willing to create the conditions that would prevent more Kasabs from wanting to kill Hindus. When I asked why Advani and Modi should not be executed for the causing the deaths of thousands of Indians, a couple of Hindus here were enraged and said nothing had been proved against Modi and Advani. But the Indian press and government say 2000 Muslims were killed by anonymous Hindu mobs . So Kasab read this and killed 180 anonymous Hindus. The law of karma dictates that there is still a balance to be cleared. Why should the Hindus complain ? Let any Hindu who can argue logically instead of calling names give an answer. I would like to know why Hindus think they should not be killed after what Modi and Advani did.
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Posted By: mo re On:06/05/2010
Hey, has anyone noticed a Muslim taking a stand on this topic? I didn't see one muslim, Indian or otherwise condemning this issue. Am I missing something?
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Posted By: nripendra singh On:06/05/2010
ya he disserve this punishmemt
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Posted By: David Santos On:06/05/2010
I believe is high time they stop hanging people no matter the crime, these terrorist are also a victim because they are cajole into doing what they do. please spread the news imprisonment is better than hanging, put some one in a life time sentence with hard labor and watch him go insane make it possible for other terrorist to see that this is bad or else this will look like hitting a child of cause this makes them stronger and gives them a clue that within some time they will die which means nothing so let them know that they will spend years paying for their crimes, hanging him is not enough threat to terrorism at least is a one way ticket to what they taught him (his numerous wife's and gift in heaven) don't make it this easy for them to reach heaven please.
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Posted By: mo re On:06/05/2010
Kasb was dead the day he attacked India. His job was to killl and get killed. So what are we doing a year later, spending crores of rupees and wasting our court and police time? If we truely want justice to be served, attack Pakistan and kill the main culprits. Kasab is just an instrument used to kill, so do you punish an instrument or the person using it? When will we learn. Why don't we ever learn from the US or Israil? like in our own words "eint ka jawad patthar se", when will we do it? All this talk of being happy that one terrorist has been sentenced is of no justice to all those brave officers who where killed!
God save us from our bone less politicians and judicial system.
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Posted By: True Patriot On:06/05/2010
Indian public has again been fooled by paid and bribed media and bent on making it a celebration to hide all the pain of price rise,terror and looting of politicians,etc,etc.The fooling of the indian public and majority hindus by national and international media and TV chnnaels,etc have been going for the past many decades by national and international media.First the britishers sent a double agent mahatma gandhee to fool indians and hindus with the ply of greatness of non-violence,etc althoug no nation ever uses or has ever used non-violence in history to solve their problems.The british media made mahatma a saint and compared him to jesus christ,etc and this fooling of indians and hindus allowed the british to rule and loot trillions of dollars without getting hurt or killed for many many decades too. Gullible hindus and indians fell in the trap and became one of the poorest countries of the world after british rule too.Shame, Hindus,shame indians,shame
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