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Ayodhya issue

Do you think the legal battle over the Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid issue will ever end?


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Posted By: Raghu Reddy On:22/09/2010
The legal battle will not end The verdict will be challenged again. But the problem is the ruling govt. will be in a pot as it can not accept it if it is in janmabumi favour or babri masjid favour as both will ruin their careeras politicians.
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Posted By: True Patriot On:22/09/2010
Dear all indian Muslims, I am told that there is a verse in Quran which says that god will not reside in a place where there is conflict, so if you are a TRUE MUSLIM repsecting Quran, why dont indian msulims as a whole unite and constrcu an Ram Temple at Ayodhya and hindus will unite to construct a grand mosque in any place which is not located to near a hindu temple or sikh gurdwara or any other place of worship of others. Hope indian muslims show to the world that they are logical kind human beings and not braon-washed terror robots.Like Ram temple at Ayodhya, dear muslim friends please do same grand gesture and construct a grand Shiva Tample at Kasi and one grand Lord Krsihna Temple at Mathura and make yourselves darling of majority hindus forever.
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Posted By: Mond. Nabi On:22/09/2010
The Babri Masjid was constructed by barbaric
Baber after demolishing Ram Temple. As a genuine Muslim will not fight for it. In fact, the maximum number of Muslims were forcefully converted from Hindu by the then Mughal Kings.
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Posted By: True Patriot On:22/09/2010
Dear Haneef and other anti-hindu bloggers, No casteism and racism in islam? You must be 100 perecent brain-washed robot or competeley illiterate and blind too. What about shoas,sunnis,ahmediyas,borahs, kurds, sufis,etc,etc and all of them are fighting and killing each other in iraq,pakistan,afghanistan,etc,etc. No indian or paki or bangla deshi muslim can ever become the grand imam or assitant to imam in holy msoques of saudi arabia and indian and paki and sri lankan and bngla deshi muslims are considered only for slave or servant jobs by arabs and they do not go even to same mosque for praying if indian or paki msulims go there.What a shame Haneef for posting lies and mis-leading messages. Christianity is same like islam and white christians consider indian and black christians as slaves only and nothing else.No indian or black man has become Pope or even assistant to Pope in 2000 years and no indian or black man will be allowed to become Pope in another 5000 years too. Shame, Indian
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Posted By: Vishwanath T N On:22/09/2010
This is an atrocious decision by Shri B S Yediyurappa. He clearly forsees trouble in making. Why not? A communal party is in power right. He himself is not only instigating, instilling the fear in the people's mind
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Posted By: C. K. On:22/09/2010
I think media and some people are unnecessarily making it a big issue to attract trouble, which is not desired. Law should take its own course and everyone should abide by it.
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Posted By: pradeep kr bassi On:22/09/2010
this will end only if masjid and temple be allowed to rebuilt in front and back otherwise i could see a revolution of bloody cast war
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Posted By: Vythindiranathan On:22/09/2010
One is surprised regarding issues cropping up or propelled up when Nature itself is pouring down abundant problems to face by that fellow called an INDIAN !
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Posted By: Dr K Ramachandrachar On:22/09/2010
It should and will end.
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Posted By: s vasudevan On:22/09/2010
If there is a will and futuristic thinking, for the welfare of the citizens this matter should be resoled legally at the earliest so as to convince both the antagonist to understand the facts and logics and the learned Judges should with out bias come out of facts and figures to justify transparently. Of course the Muslims are feverish to uphold Islamic values said in their tenet in a Hindu majority society, the vice versa can not happen in a Islamic state. More over Muslims identify themselves beyond region and cultural identity, thus the question of patriotism has become a debatable factor. The politicians who woe them for vote in election look with a narrow perspective. The Muslims should be practical and dogmatic and should identify with culture rather than religion. I am sure that Hindus with be more accommodative. They are indigenous people and adopted Islam on various grounds is to be understood. They should keep their faith with in and identify culturally.
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