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Ayodhya issue

Do you think the legal battle over the Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid issue will ever end?


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Posted By: Jaix On:22/09/2010
First of all, there is no doubt that this mosque was built over a temple. That is the truth. Had not the riots or the Bombay bomb blasts happen, i would whole-heartedly have supported a Bahai temple there. Given what happened not building a Ram temple is giving in to terrorism. A temple should be built and this issue should not be politicized anymore.
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Posted By: Innocent Hind On:22/09/2010
Everyone shoudl support building the temple as this tries to remedy the unjust done to billions (yes, billions if you count all in last 500+ years) of Hindus everywhere. Thousands of temples were destroyed, hindus attacked in genocide in our own country. Any humanbeing with 1% of kind-heartedness will support the temple of Ram - who inspires all with the great character !
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Posted By: subhashtewari On:22/09/2010
Legal battle can rsolve by considering legal title of Ramjanambhumi.No muslim invader or ruling king or person would ever have bought it or got it as a gift or by benign transfer.As such none else has any legal right over it except the oldest chronocity.Lord Ram has suffered injustice since mother Kakai's manipulations and let us hope He will get justice now from a secular constitutional government.Political thoughts should keep themselves away.Any Masjid by all standards is a place for prayer and all prayers should invest in sense of justice for Lord Rama.
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Posted By: True Patriot On:22/09/2010
Yes, Desi, very good comment.But all bloggers and readers msut get facts right. Islam is less than 1500 years old, christinaity 2010 years old and hinduism at least 10000 years old or more. And hinduism is the ONLY religion on earth which shouts that the whole world is one family and that all human being ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF ONE FAMILY unlike the hate filled semtiic terror religions which shout that only muslims and chtistians can get heaven and that killing or converting others as kafirs like hindus,sikhs,buddhists, etc will give them heaven with gifts as virgins,wine,etc.NOW ALL BLOGGERS THINK ALOUD WHICH religions should be allowed to be practiced in India and our Earth.
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Posted By: Desi On:22/09/2010
Let us look at history. Hinduism has been about 10000 years old religion. Islam started about 3000 years ago. Now, before Islam came to India, all of India was Hindu. So whether there is any archaeological evidence or not, the Hindu sentiment should be respected. Hindus should first build a grand mosque in another nearby town, and then Hindus should build the Ram temple at Ayodhya. This would be keeping in mind that both the religions are given proper respect. How can the court decide what is right ? This is not the question of evidence, rather question of faith - which no court in the world can decide. Also, if Ram temple is not built in India, then where else on earth ??? Before the court verdict I am suspicious of the Congress party, but let us see what happens ...
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Posted By: True Patriot On:21/09/2010
All world citizens Including ALL Hindus and ALL patriotic Indians MUST look at underlying causes of world terror DEEPLY AND FIND LASTING and not temporaray solutions. Islam and christianity are the world's most hate-filled and terror promoting religions with the promise of heaven after death for killing or converting non-muslims and non-christians like hindus,sikhs,buddhists,etc. Muslims&christians need to learn to love others and not to hate or kill others and muslins NEED to know the real meaning of tolerance and love for others or kafirs belonging to non-muslim beliefs..
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Posted By: True Patriot On:21/09/2010
Isolated peace marches or peace rallies or Hollow words of Peace or Advice of peace makers are NOT enough for PERMANENT COMMUNAL HARMONY IN OUR COUNTRY, AND unless and until muslims and christians shout togther from chruches and mosques and madrassas that thye do not consider majority hindus,sikhs and buddhists as infidels or kafirs and unless the muslim and christian preachers shout that the worlds of quran and bible promisinng heaven after death with vrigins and winse for killing or converting infidels and kafirsl like hindus,sikhs,buddhists,ets ARE NON-SENSE AND MUST BE DELETED FROM THE RELIGIOUS HOLY OR UNHOLY TEXTS,QURAN AND BIBLE. Otherwise all such peace marches will be just waste of time and totally useless.
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Posted By: HANEEF On:21/09/2010
This battle will never end and the politicians will not allow us to settle and forget the past. No religion says hate or fight with the people of other religion. Oh, God please save the innocent people from this war of Ram Janma boomi or Babri Masjid and let the people in Ayodhya and India live in peace and hormony.
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Posted By: chalapathirao On:21/09/2010
There is no solution to Ram $ Rahim issue.The dead cannot be punished.By the time verdict is complete there will be no one to receive punishment like Ghazni Mohammed & Ghori Mohammed for their act in the destruct6ion of many Hindu temples during their invasions.
History repeats.For the sake of unused construction demolition so much hue and cry is not necessary.
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Posted By: srigd On:21/09/2010
incredibleap com/india tourism/pilgrims hindu/somanath aspx

Read how Muslims destroyed Somnath temple and who was instrumental in Putting up again
Know your History well before commenting for commenting sake
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