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Binayak Sen

Do you think the government should revoke charges against Binayak Sen?


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Posted By: Samantak Das On:30/12/2010
Absolutely, and apologise to him for the distress caused to him and his family. It is the least government can do.
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Posted By: Dr.RAjkumar P.Singh On:30/12/2010
No.Judiciary''s decisions are not Govtt decision.People like Binayak Sen,Arudhati Roy,Megha Patkar are nothing but intellectual terrorists working ag.nation.
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Posted By: Amarnath Mumbaikar On:30/12/2010
The 'government ?' should revoke charges against Binayak Sen. In this all episode 'government?' machinery has acted as a terrorist or the perpetrator of terrorism. The 'government?' machinery should search the root cause of Naxalizm. And in such search they should not forget that Democracy means Government OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE.
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Posted By: Biswajit Maiti On:29/12/2010
i think he is innocent.he is always work for people.
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Posted By: Dr Abhijit Roy On:29/12/2010
Indian democracy is only for thieves dacoits, cunning politicians. What ever unlawful acts the do are condoned; while a highly qualified man who works for the poor and downtrodden are made enemy of the country!!!!!
Long live Indian Democracy, sorry NETACRACY.
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Posted By: Basu On:29/12/2010
We are in banana republic
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Posted By: Ashwini On:29/12/2010
Govt , which is already in knots should not
revoke any charges which are true and
punishable under the law but ensure that
no injustice is done to anyone including fakes who pretend to be sympathisers of
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Posted By: Dr Matthew Puliyel On:29/12/2010
Most emphatically YES!

There is no justification for his trial by a kangaroo sessions court. Has the country of Gandhi been reduced to becoming a banana republic? Was that why the freedom fighters fought for independence?

Shame, India, shame! Hang your head in shame for jailing Binayak to life in prison.

And may you be forgiven because you do not know what you ha ve done. But that is no excuse for your foolish actions.
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Posted By: rani On:29/12/2010
Political people need only people like raja because he can share 1,69,000 cr. to alaid parties. Court judjement also like that only raja can move freely and stay & eat @ 7star hotel, use Benz car BUT FOR A LOCAL MAN, IN Rs.1000 THEFT CASE, COURT PUNISH & SEND IMD. TO JAIL. ha ha ha HA HA HA THAT IS INDIA
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Posted By: Shalv Kumar Shah On:29/12/2010
No. Standing up for the marginalised and exposing human rights abuses are right but one cannot generalise when one is a citizen of a country. We have to be patriotic and be able to distinguish whaT IS THE common good and what is not. Naxalites and their ism is bad for us and must be killed . Those who support the naxals are wrong and must be punished. Citizens who have sat on the fence have seen their states disintegrate.
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