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Will Lanka regain its tranquility?

Will Prabhakaran's death finally bring peace to Sri Lanka?


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Posted By: Bernard Pinto On:21/05/2009
Prabhakaran's death and the end of the terrorist movement will certainly speed up the return to normality. However the Gopvernment will now have to focus on discussions with us, moderate tamils in Colombo and more importantly the people who are normally resident in the conflict areas and now displaced. We believe that the preesident is strong enough to do this, even though some groups in Colombo may not want him to do so. we have faith in the President when he said "this was a war against terrorism, not the Tamil people." After all the majority of the Tamil poeple have lived in the south, amongst the Sinhalese for generations.
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Posted By: True Tamilan On:21/05/2009
diffinetly, the terrorist Prabhakaran's death brings peace to Srilanka only. In India & all over the World it his peace.Not only Prabhakar, any terrorist this is the end.Terrorism ever success.
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Posted By: arjun On:21/05/2009
Certainly if equal rights and opportunities given to the Srilankan Tamils. I hope Srilankan govt had learned a lot in the past.
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Posted By: George P. Joseph On:21/05/2009
Certainly! Nobody will have the guts that Mr. Prbahakaran had been exerting.
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Posted By: m rajendran nair On:21/05/2009
Now, it is SL Govt's responsibility to bring all their citizens under one umbrella.
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Posted By: sukumar pillai On:21/05/2009
No, Prabhakaran's death will not bring peace to Sri Lanka if Sri Lanka continues its policy of treating the Lankan Tamils as second class citizens. Sri Lanka shal not sleep in peace till the their problem is not resolved by the goverment sincerely. This war may be a seed for more Prabhakaran's rise up in arms against Sri Lanka. Killing a person named Prabhakaran will not end the issue. They will have to kill the thinking which Prabhakaran has left behind.
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Posted By: Tamil On:21/05/2009
Mahinda Rajapaksa's death only bring peace to Sri Lanka
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Posted By: radha On:21/05/2009
no.It will start with more vigour
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Posted By: natrajv On:21/05/2009
It all depends upon majority Sinhalese population. But, the way they celebrated on the roads of Colombo when thousands fellow citizens and innocent civilians at the other part of country are bleeding is inhuman and shocking. It shows the deep divide and hatred groomed between two ethnic groups in the island nation. Further, till now no ICRC or international help was not permitted to reach battlezone to evacuate injured civilians or dying people. What stops the Govt of Srilanka from giving access to International community or press even after their military victory over LTTE? Remember, LTTE is not the cause of decade old ethnic conflict, but a result of it. In my opinion it is highly unlikely that Srilankan Govt will give autonomy to Tamil population in the lines of status given to people of Kashmir.
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Posted By: B.mohanasundar On:21/05/2009
No Tigers will get tamilelam
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