MH17 Crash site debris images provide further evidence of missile attack: Experts

Last Updated: Tue, Jul 22, 2014 10:45 hrs

Images from the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash site debris show spots with holes and tears resulting from shrapnel damage from the missile attack, say experts.

They alleged that the only surface-to-air missile system that could go as high as 33,000 feet to reach the aircraft could be SA-11 Buk.

The images showed that excessive damage had been caused that could only result from SAM system, remarked an expert.

American officials also believed that the aircraft had been shot by an SA-11 Buk fired by pro-Russian separatists.

United Nations ambassador Samantha Power said that Russia may have provided assistance to the separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

A Ukrainian government advisor claimed that the aircraft had been fired from a Buk launcher, a system that was invented by the former Soviet Union.

According to Mashable, a defense analyst at London-based think tank said that more than one missile Buk could have been used in the plane attack.

An SA-11 missile carries heavy explosives that explode within 65 feet of its mark, leaving the plane into pieces. (ANI)

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