MI6 advertises for 'real-life James Bonds' in full-page newspaper advert

Last Updated: Mon, Oct 29, 2012 06:41 hrs

London: British intelligence agency MI6 has published a full-page newspaper advertisement to invite people to join the service.

The tongue-in-cheek advert, taken out in The Sunday Times, rubbishes the notion of James Bond-style 'high-speed chases and shoot-outs', instead saying the qualities looked for are 'far more ordinary'.

According to the Daily Mail, the ad suggests that while MI6 does have an 'international focus' many of its jobs are based in London and 'fit well with family life'.

The advert also states that spies often need more 'subtle' qualities, such as 'the simple ability to get on with all sorts of people from all kinds of cultures'.

In the full-page advertisement, MI6 also dismisses the 'white, male stereotype', instead saying 'the truth is we don't care what sex you are or where you're from, as long as you're a British national'.

The agency bosses also opened the job up to as many candidates as possible, saying that they 'don't care what you do now, only what you can do,' the paper said.

According to the paper, while the campaign is one of MI6's most open recruitment drives, it still emphasises the need for secrecy, telling possible candidates that they cannot discuss their application with anybody.

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