Microsoft's Gates says he was 'less geekier' than Steve Jobs

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 01, 2013 05:50 hrs

Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates, who is trying to save the world by reducing child death rates and eliminating polio, has said that he is less 'less geekier' that Steve Jobs.

During a recent interview, Gates talked about his foundation's annual letter, which outlines his organization's recent successes in global health.

"It's good news that you wouldn't hear," the founder of Microsoft said of the information he shared in his annual missive. "I share what I've been able to see in my travels to Africa and Asia."

But after Gates shared his "good news," programme presenter Stephen Colbert broke it to the humanitarian that he's just not as "cool" as the late Apple co-founder was, the Huufington Post reports.

Colbert told Gates that he is 'out there saving the world, yet you he does not have the "cool factor."

When asked if he 'ever want to be the cool guy?', Gates said Jobs had his own style, and approach," and that he is a 'little geekier' than Jobs was. (ANI)

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