Microsoft's Office Remote lets users control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with Windows Phone

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 19, 2013 10:16 hrs

Microsoft has unveiled Office Remote, a new app that lets users control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations with Windows Phone 8 device.

It is a joint effort between Microsoft Research and the Office team, the Verge reports.

Darren Edge of Microsoft Research said that they want to make sure that they continue to create tools that deliver the best possible experiences to presenters and audiences.

According to the report, using Office Remote, users can jump between PowerPoint slides and control an on-screen 'laser pointer' with their finger.

The app is now available and works with all versions of Office 2013 except for Office 2013 RT.

The user needs to install a small software 'add-in' on the computer before getting started, and a Bluetooth-compatible PC is also required since that's how the two devices communicate, the report said.

Microsoft said the new app represents only the first step in reaching a 'diverse society of devices'.


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