Minneapolis confronts chaotic race for mayor

Last Updated: Mon, Oct 28, 2013 05:30 hrs

The next mayor of Minneapolis might be one of a handful of conventional candidates. Or it might be Captain Jack Sparrow.

It's a weird race for mayor this year in Minnesota's largest city. The popular incumbent is retiring, and the city's novel balloting system called "ranked choice voting" has opened the November election to a mind-numbing 35 candidates.

One local voter calls it "mayor soup."

And it's got mainstream candidates competing against offbeat ones. Like Captain Jack, who has showed up for campaign events in full pirate get-up.

There's also Jeff Wagner, an airport luggage handler who has promised to stop visiting strip clubs if elected. The ballot asks voters to designate second and third choices for the job, with the runner-up votes counted if no one gets a majority.

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