Misaal Mumbai: Changing narrative by painting slums

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 08, 2019 07:01 hrs

[India], March 8 (ANI): The streets of Pune city in Maharashtra are being painted under the 'Misaal Mumbai' initiative.

Under this initiative of a Mumbai-based artist and founder of NGO Rouble Nagi Art Foundation, the slums in the city were painted in an aim to change the mindset of people.

Talking to ANI, the founder of the NGO, Rouble Nagi said, "I want to connect to these people through arts. Our main aim is not to colour the walls but bring a change in their mindset.

"When I paint 20 walls here, 200 people come and stand with me. If I go to their home as a social activist and try to help, they will have that speculation about who I am. So we start with colouring, they come out of their homes and that's when we tell them what we want to do," she added.

The aim of 'Misaal Mumbai' is to improve the quality of life for poor people living in slums, by providing more hygienic living conditions, beautifying their homes, along with repairs, waterproofing roofs and improved sanitation. Along with a team of local painters from the area, Rouble executed the painting after discussions with the residents. (ANI)