Missing Malaysian jet may have been flown to Taliban base

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 18, 2014 05:20 hrs

Kuala Lumpur: The missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could have been deliberately flown to a Taliban base on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, sources have claimed.

The latest revelation came as it was revealed that the final message sent to air traffic controllers from the jet's cockpit - " All right, good night" - was spoken after someone on board had already disabled the plane's ACARS reporting system.

Now Malaysian Authorities are seeking diplomatic permission to investigate the theory that the Boeing 777 and its 239 passengers have been flown to a Taliban controlled area of northwestern Pakistan and Afghanistan, The Independent reported.

About 25 countries are assisting in the search for the plane, intensifying challenges of co-ordinating ground, sea and aerial efforts.

According to the report, experts said that the plane's transponders were deliberately disabled by someone of expertise on board, as the plane continued to give out 'pings' or satellite signals despite getting off radar.

Based on this theory, the authorities searched the homes of captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, and located the self-made simulator at Shah's place.

Meanwhile, the satellite data pointed that the plane was on one of two possible arcs, one stretching north from Thailand to Kazakhstan and crossing more than 10 countries, and one to the south over Indonesia and out across the southern Indian Ocean.

Large areas of the southern half of Afghanistan are ruled by the Afghan Taliban, while some areas of north-west Pakistan, adjacent to or near to the Afghan border, are controlled by the Pakistani Taliban, the report said.

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