Mock election at Diocesan

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 22, 2012 06:45 hrs
Mock election at Diocesan

A mock election was organized for the students at St. John's Diocesan For The Girls High School, in collaboration with the American Centre, on Wednesday.

About 150 students took part in the event called Mock elections for the President of Idealia - a new country for the youth from class VIII- XI.

Six parties with names such as Youngistan, La liberty, Aeon's Euphoria and Maverick Youth Chrysalis took part in the elections. Members of each party demanded votes from the students by expressing their party mottos through convincing speeches.

"If we were given power to create a new country, we would keep away it from malpractices that could hamper the integrity and prestige of the society. By educating the nation, creating economical balance through the right income distribution and eliminating corruption, we would establish a new ideal country peaceful for everyone, irrespective of cast and creed," Sayanti Some, a candidate, said.

The campaigning was followed by a question-answer session from the candidates and students.

Eventually, the students voted and chose their winner.

"At present, the democracy of India is going through a very bad phase. There is a new scam that we are witnessing everyday. These teenagers have proved that if they want, they can rock the world and can create a pure country free from malice," coordinator of extracurricular activities Subhalakshmi B. Nandi told IBNS,

(Reporting by Barshali Banerjee)

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