Modi calls Sonia a '10 numbari' Gandhi

Last Updated: Sat, Mar 01, 2014 04:11 hrs

Gulbarga: Taking a dig at the Gandhi family and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi called her 'Dus (10) numbri Gandhi', which in Hindi is used for a 'crook', during his rally in Karnataka's Gulbarga on Friday.

The dig has been made to indicate a pun for crook and also for Gandhi's residential address which is 10 Janpath in Delhi.

"Look at what these Dus numbari Gandhis have done to Andhra Pradesh. See what happened in Andhra Pradesh. We wanted Telangana and we wanted the development of Seemandhra, but the Congress killed the Mother so as to ensure the birth of the child. It is due to the Congress that Telangana was not made all this while. So many people gave their lives for it and I bow to them," Modi said.

He said the Congress has left Seemandhara without any tangible initiatives for the region, and said that this was because the Congress knew that they did not stand to gain anything from Seemandhara.

Affirming that the development of both regions, Telangana and Seemandhara, was on the agenda of the BJP, Modi said, "I will try to go to Seemandhara as soon as possible and share the pain of the people. No stone will be left unturned to mitigate their pain."

Questioning the lack of accountability on the part of the Congress, Modi said that the sky-high arrogance of the party made them indifferent to needs of people and unaccountable for their behaviour.

He urged the people not to support the Congress since they had broken the trust of the citizens by not fulfilling their promises.

"In a democracy it is the duty of the candidates, parties to be accountable for their work. People have the right to know. A few days ago Madam came to Gulbarga, but did she tell you about their work or did she answer why the Nation has been ruined. See the promises they made in 2004, what they wrote in their manifesto and what they did about the promises. I urge people never to believe the Congress. Never trust those who stab people in the back," the Gujarat CM said.

Coming down heavily on the misgovernance of the Congress, Modi said that people had understood the cause of India's debacle. He stated that the reason why the Congress was in a bad shape was because of their doings that had ruined the nation.

Stating that corruption and votebank politics were identities of the Congress party, Modi said that under them the nation had only moved backward.

"Shri Fali Nariman resigned from a committee and expressed displeasure. Congress hasn't changed its tricks. We could have reached so many places but due to sins of the Congress we are only going backward. The Nation has been ruined due to corruption. Can Congress do good for you? Can they do good for farmers? Does the youth of this nation want jobs, skill development and opportunities? Do you think Congress can give you these? Mai desh ko pai ka hisaab dunga, ye vaada karta hu mai," Modi said.

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