Modi challenges Sonia's secularism

Last Updated: Fri, May 02, 2014 17:58 hrs

New Delhi: Questioning the track record of Congress in handling communal riots, Narendra Modi on Friday challenged the secularism of Sonia Gandhi alleging she was not worried about Hindus or Muslims but just wanted her son to get power.

Addressing a 3D rally at 107 locations in Lok Sabha constituencies going to polls in the remaining two phases of voting, Modi attacked Congress for trying to "destabilise" the country by talking about formation of a Third Front government at the Centre.

"There was Congress government in Rajasthan with a chief minister, who is the favourite of Sonia Gandhi. How many people died in riots there and what was done to give justice to them? Why is Congress silent? Now you are just trying to fool Muslims to get votes," he said.

"I challenge you on your secularism. For you neither the Hindus nor the Muslims matter. You just want your son to get the power. I can understand the love of a mother for her son but just think of the country," the BJP prime ministerial candidate said.

He said his thought was clear on the issue of religion and "for me, there are no Hindus and there are no Muslims. For me, my 125 crore Indians are one. We will work for everyone and we will not divide anyone."

Modi alleged that "divide India was the highway of Congress' politics. You are stuck in the British policy of divide India whereas for us, we want a digital India."

He said BJP wanted the Muslim youth going to madarasas for education to "hold Quran in one hand and a computer in other so that he can face the world."

Modi said the Sachar Committee report about status of Muslims in India has stated that the community was best cared in Gujarat. He said the Kundu Committee report on implementation of the 15-point programme for Muslims has also said they were being best implemented in Gujarat -- the state "whose name gives sleepless nights to Delhi's mother-son government, Lalu Prasad gets angry and father-son government feels weak."

Modi attacked the Congress-RJD alliance in Bihar alleging Sonia was "playing tricks" with the people there as she has got Lalu out jail to contest elections but she and her son Rahul were not ready to share the dais with him.

"Soniaji, bring out all the people who are in jail to fight elections and they will help you but the people of this country will not forgive you. You are taking help of such people but Madam Soniaji, please think about the country," he said.

Modi alleged that Sonia was not giving the account for the last 10-year rule in the country.

"They talk about secularism for every issue you raise but they cannot run away from responsibility. There has been corruption in every possible sphere. They have been beaten by the Supreme Court on the corruption issue regularly," he said.

On the issue of women safety, Modi said Sonia talks about it everywhere and Rahul mentions it at least 5-6 times whenever he addresses rallies.

"But will they speak about their own report which shows that in the list of top 10 states with maximum violence against women, seven have Congress chief ministers who are favourites of the mother-son duo. The remaining three include states headed by Congress-supported governments," he said.

"Instead of taking out abuses from dictionary to denigrate Modi, why don't you do something to check these crimes against women which have given a bad image to India across the world," he said.

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