Modi claims people have already voted out the Congress led UPA'

Last Updated: Wed, Apr 23, 2014 17:15 hrs

Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi on Wednesday addresses supporters using 3D technology saying that there was no doubt that the voters have become so disenchanted that there is no chance for the Congress to come to power.

"I am fortunate that with the help of technology I am able to take countless voters blessings. Election is now in its mid-way. Almost 232 seats have already done with voting. Tomorrow as well there will be voting in many areas. It is certain that it is certain that the Congress has gone. There is no doubt who will form the government. Whether UPA remains or not is not a question anymore. People of India have rejected them. Those who are yet to vote have the responsibility to make government in Delhi a strong one ," Modi said through a video conference.

Modi also rued the fact that the country witnessed unstable governments in the past and called for electing a strong government this time.

"For so many years there have been unstable governments at the centre, because of which the democracy in our nation faces deep scars. I want that in order to ensure good for the country, we must not have a rickety government where we remain dependent on others. Now you cannot remain a fence-sitter anymore. In order to bring out the country from deep trouble a strong government is a must. There should be a government which is busy protecting the nation rather than the chair," Modi added.

He said that the nation was at crossroads; therefore one must elect a government for this century.

BJP's prime ministerial candidate attacked the Congress for playing with the emotions of common people.

"It is not a small thing that the Congress got to rule ten years, but see what they have done to the country. They played with the feelings of common people. It is a pain within me that why have we given the responsibility to the Congress to govern this country. You will remember that two years back in Delhi there was gang-rape of a young girl that left her dead which shook the country. Inspite of cold weather young people rallied for getting justice, but it was the mother-son duo government that sprayed cold water on them; their only demand was ensuring protection of women and their daughters," Modi remarked. (ANI)

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