Modi claims that poll trends shows Congress is already out of power:

Last Updated: Sat, Apr 19, 2014 15:15 hrs

-Nagaon-Mangaldoi(Assam), Apr.19 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Saturday said at the different public rallies addressed by him that uptill now the trends of the elections shows that the people have already removed Congress out of power and asked the people who yet to cast their ballot to give a decisive mandate to the BJP.

"Till now whatever the polling has taken place, I can say that whosoever was able to cast their vote it seems that the indication shows that it done its job of removing the government in Delhi. They are already gone. The Son-Mother duo government has gone and they cannot ruin your life any more. Now it is the rest of the remaining seats that goes to polls will have a responsibility to create a strong government. Bihar has given me a lot of love and it pulls me back. It is your love that will bring me back again even after winning elections. Your love will give me strength to do good for you," Modi said at a rally in Katihar.

He said that the country will only get empowered only when every nook and corner of the country develops.

"The country will only become powerful when all the states, villages and districts improve. Gujarat has developed but Bihar has remained backward this won't help India becoming strong. The Eastern flank of the country needed to be developed and the youth of this place needs urgent attention, therefore the BJP manifesto has given thrust on this," Modi added.

He said it is Bihar which will decide the fate of this country and also targeted the Gandhi-Vadra family for amassing unprecedented wealth.

"In Bihar everything is crystal clear who is with whom. It is Bihar which will decide the fate of the country in this election. BJP is getting unprecedented success. Mother-son duo gave such a model that they have one lakh rupees in their pocket after four years they have 300 crores with them, they are following RSVP model the acronym stands for Rahul-Sonia-Vadra-Priyanka," Modi said.

He also criticised Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi for running the country from behind, "With the new book one has come to know that it was not Manmohan Singh who was running the country. It was Mother-Son duo was running the country."

He asked the people to decisively make BJP win and do away with the mother-son (Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi) duo combination. He charged Rahul Gandhi of showing fake concern for the poor and instead charged him of visiting them just for a photo opportunity.

"Will you like to face the same difficulty which your parents had to face. If you want to change your fate then do away with the mother-son duo model. For them poor is like a tourism destination. In order to see what is poverty and being poor he visits their home and hence does a tourism, he wants to know if a poor has an eye or a ear, he has never seen what is being born as a poor. He has been born with a golden spoon. He goes there just for photo opportunity and he makes fun of them and then says there is nothing called of any state of being poor. I know what it is when you are poor. I have led a life selling tea in the train coaches. Do not teach me what is poverty. It is because of your sin that people do not get two meals in a day," Modi added.

Earlier while rallying in Assam's Barpeta, Modi challenged Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi to "a face off" as they were both addressing rallies in Assam. He also attacked Assam's chief minister Tarun Gogoi for not being able to provide employment. He charged Gogoi and asked the people "What is your chief minister doing? He has been selected three times and he cant't even start a mill which will provide employment to the youth."

In his other rallies in Assam in Mangaldoi and Nagaon he attacked the Congress on several issues for its failure on checking illegal immigration and its inability to protect natural resources and the endangered Rhinoceros in Assam. He also criticized the Congress for its double speak on education and skill development and women empowerment. (ANI)

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