Modi's 'Rambo act' is a bad piece of journalism

Last Updated: Wed, Jun 26, 2013 06:12 hrs

First things first: That Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi saved 15,000 people in Uttarakhand is a story that has not come from Modi himself nor from the BJP nor from the RSS and not from any senior journalist close to the saffron party.

It is a news report that has appeared in the mainstream media, which is ironically one of the biggest opponents of Modi. Is anyone really surprised?

What should be seen as an example of really bad journalism and irrational reporting has been seized as yet another (millionth?) stick to flog Modi and his supporters and his Prime Ministerial ambitions and everything else that you can think of.

I have worked in a Delhi newspaper for many years and I know very well how a news desk functions and I find it amazing that anyone in their right frame of mind could have cleared this story.

Had I been shift head at that time, I would have laughed and said “Not possible” and thrown it in the dustbin. If I was forced to carry the story, then I would simply ask the reporter to come out with a more realistic figure or at least explain the figure in detail.

Now you don’t have to be in Uttarakhand to do a bit of investigative journalism yourself or indulge in some back of the envelope calculations.

First things first, the report says that four Boeings were used. Now what the hell does that even mean?

It’s like saying a Maruti was used in rescue operations. A Maruti 800 will hold lesser passengers and handle lesser terrain than say an SX4. That itself is a problem.

But giving the benefit of the doubt to the report, let us assume that the jumbo jet Boeing 747 was used. If one plane can carry 500 passengers, then four could carry 2000. Now that means that a figure of 16,000 could be achieved in four trips.

Now that does not seem in the realms of possibility, but the real question is where did these 15,000 people come from and how were they identified as Gujaratis and where did the planes land and take off and how did the people assemble at one place peacefully and… the questions are endless.

Now who should be answering these questions? Is it Modi or the media organization, since the latter is making these claims?

The interesting part is that while the headline grandly mentions “flies out with 15,000”, guess how many words in the 400-odd word report dwells on the detailed explanation?

The answer is two words: “four Boeings”. That’s it!

It is amazing how the MSM goes after Modi day in and day out.

It is even more amazing that a bad piece of journalism is also used to go after Modi.

Much has been made about Modi saving Gujaratis.

Now I want to ask a simple question.

What if Modi had gone and told the governments that he wanted to save as many Indians as he could?

The State and Central governments both belong to the Congress and in all probability they would have told him to get lost.

He had only one trump card and that he officially represents Gujaratis and he used it. That’s much better than doing nothing at all.

Interestingly the “15,000” report also mentions that he held a meeting till 1 am with officials to discuss the action plan. The report talks of senior IAS officers being used. The report talks of 80 Toyota Innovas being used. The report talks of 25 luxury buses being used. The report talks of a medical team being paradropped in Hardwar.

However all that is believable and hence if that is discussed and then Modi will have to be praised, God forbid!

That’s why it’s not really at all surprising that only the “15,000” angle, which came from the MSM and not Modi, will be discussed again and again and again much like the way Godhra has to be discussed again and again and again.

Interestingly where was Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for more than a week?

Then there are photos of Congress President Sonia Gandhi flagging off relief operations like she’s flagging off an F1 rally.

Are those pictures fakes or is the Congress party really that insensitive?

Who cares!

Modi is like the Ganga: He manages to wash away everyone else’s sins in this country!

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