'Modi should be burned': Congress party's worst speakers

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 04, 2013 12:34 hrs

Sanjay Jha: Oppose for "opposing sake".

We've all experienced it. During any discussion, there will always be one member who has absolutely no knowledge of anything and no world view to speak of. He will merely oppose without giving any concrete arguments.

Just oppose, oppose and oppose your opponent for the heck of opposing. "Congress is right. BJP is wrong," along with: "Rahul is great. Modi is not" seem to be the only arguments in his repertoire. 

He is regularly seen being verbally beaten black and blue by all manner of opponents on talk shows daily on TV.

Tehseen Poonawala: New kid on the block.

The latest entrant: Since he has come late, he is going on overdrive to show that he is no less. He may be seen almost jumping up and down to drive across his views. He has already proved that he can shout louder than his contemporaries. 

His tone is as arrogant as the rest and his arguments as flippant and irrelevant when compared to the other grand Congress spokespersons. He has proved himself quite able and worthy of stooping to their levels.

Salman Khurshid: Threaten and get promoted.

This is the most amazing example of how probably Congress President Sonia Gandhi actually seems to love arrogant people like Tewari and Khurshid who were actually rewarded in a cabinet reshuffle that took place some time back.

He's an arrogant Oxonian who has threatened that he will make "India Today" as "India Yesterday". He has threatened AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal over his Farukkhabad visit. He has been seen getting up, shouting and gesticulating at a journalist during a press conference.

The problem is that at the end of all these threats he was rewarded by being promoted to Foreign Minister. That has set a really bad precedent. Now most spokespersons think, "Hey! I can be a senior minister too," and adopt a similar threatening tone.

Sanjay Nirupam: What have thumkas got to do with it?

In America it is quite common to change professions at the drop of a hat. In India it is not that common yet and some people cannot reconcile with such changes. 

Nirupam once made a crude barb at TV actress turned BJP politician Smriti Irani: Aap to TV pe thumke lagati thi... (You used to shake your hips on TV).

The irony is that even Nirupam used to work in the media as a journalist and he switched to politics. The second irony is that he was previously with the Shiv Sena, which could be called more hardline than the BJP.

Today he is seen loudly rubbishing an ideology that he was once proudly a part of.

Amaresh Misra: Loose cannon on Twitter.

Just check out @AmareshMisra. You won't believe some of the Tweets that come from that handle. At first I was sure that it was a fake account, but that doesn't seem to be the case as no counter-claims have come yet.

You should check out the account yourself, but here are some of his Tweets...

Parting shot...

Everyone complains of trolls who support Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and abuse Modi-bashers. But then all of them may have absolutely no proven link to Modi or the BJP or the RSS. You can only point to the abuse of known and proven BJP supporters. 

What about all the Congress spokesperson and supporters who openly go around abusing everyone knowing that Section 66A will never be applied to them because they are supporting the ruling government? 

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