Most Americans feel sequester cuts will personally affect them, finds poll

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 05, 2013 07:40 hrs

Majority of Americans have said sequester cuts were about to begin and will affect them personally, a new poll has found.

Congress and President Barack Obama continue to remain at odds on how best to reduce the federal deficit, which will cause the automatic spending cuts referred to as the sequester to start taking effect last Friday.

A CBS News Poll conducted as the sequester cuts were about to begin found that 53 percent of Americans said that they personally will be affected by the cuts in sequester.

In addition, most Americans want to cut spending and raise taxes to reduce the deficit.

More Americans blame the Republicans in Congress more for the difficulty in reaching agreement on spending cuts by the deadline.

The poll found that nearly 38 percent of Americans place more blame on the Republicans in Congress for the failure, while 33 percent blame Obama and the Democrats in Congress more.

For the most part, America's partisans point their fingers at the other party, as 69 percent of Republicans blame the president and Democrats in Congress, while 72 percent of Democrats blame the Republicans in Congress.

Many Americans expect the budget cuts in the sequester to have a negative impact on the country overall.

The poll found that 46 percent expect the cuts will be bad for the country, because it forces cuts to important programmes and services, while 34 percent expect them to be good for the country, because it forces the government to cut spending, the report said.

Women, 57 percent, are more likely than men, 50 percent, to expect to be affected by the cuts in the sequester, the report added. (ANI)

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