Most people quitting social media get back within 24 hours due to anxiety

Last Updated: Sat, Dec 29, 2012 09:50 hrs

Digital suicide - the attempt to go off the grid to grab control of your persona, time and sanity - is often announced with confident, dramatic flourish, but experts say that more often than not, deserters sulk back to newsfeeds and streams proving that they can never be through with Facebook or Twitter.

According to Larry Rosen from California State University, anxiety is driving people to want to give it up and then to not be able to, and while some know that they are too wrapped up in it, but if they give it up, even for an hour, they're afraid they'll miss out on something.

Some users will make sincere attempts to leave social media, particularly as a new year's resolution, which is nothing but drama and empty threats.

Rosen says that many quitters are back to social media within 24 hours because the anxiety becomes too much to bear, the Washington Post reported.

Social media usage is increasingly classified as an addiction but Rosen disagrees and considers it to be an obsession, because an addiction is when you do something to gain pleasure and we are not doing this to get pleasure but to reduce our anxiety. (ANI)

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